Cole's POV - Body Over Mind

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Hello, everyone! If you haven't gotten to Catching the Catchers yet, then you wouldn't know about me asking which SA chapter everyone would like to see from Cole's perspective in honor of this story reaching 400,000 views and me getting to 7,000 followers. Well, after a few days  of voting it was clear that the winner was... Chapter 32! If you're not familiar with it, then it is when the invasion starts and there's a little special Caylor moment in there... wink wink, nudge nudge.

So thank you for helping me hit those amazing milestones! Without further or do, please enjoy Cole's take on this chapter and forgive me if it sounds girly because it's kind of hard to change POV's, okay? :)


My fingers anxiously tapped away at my bottle as I scanned the forests around us for that familiar pale blonde hair. It seems like she left the party ages ago to find Allyson and I couldn't help but feel an uneasy feeling in my chest. Sighing, I looked around, seeing the joyful faces of all the Fives having a good time free of training and worry.

Well, except me. The moment she left was when I stopped the mingling, dancing, and all the games and waited. I couldn't help it or deny the connection I've felt towards her since before I even met her., from the beginning to now.

The meeting began at five in the morning, each of us who are eligible for pick-up missions were called in, all clad in what we went to bed in. Alex and Claire were with me, Vanessa on my side as we took a spot in the meeting room with around a dozen others.

Galen was at the head of the room, a projection screen down to display information about whomever was caught using their powers and needed to come here. I hated these meetings and the missions, but sadly, I was still forced to come.

Once everyone arrived, Galen began her spiel. "A new Mind Supernatural was confirmed a couple states over. She's seventeen years ago, blonde hair and the obvious gray eyes..."

She continued on but anything else she said was ignored the moment her picture showed up on the board. She drew me in so quickly that I couldn't even think of anything else besides going on this mission.

I found myself standing up, barely feeling Vanessa pulling at my shirt from my side. "I'll do it," I announced, making everyone, including my best friend, stare at me in surprise. "I'll go."

Looking over at Galen, she didn't even seem shocked, but rather a knowing smile hinted her lips as she nodded, excusing everyone from the meeting so we could go over the details.

To this day I'm not sure why I really volunteered so quickly. I wasn't so incredibly attracted to her just from a picture, but rather held a wonder about her. That feeling hadn't left since meeting her and the fascination was still there. I'm not sure if that comes from this whole Big Six nonsense or some attraction I had for her.

Who was I kidding? I obviously liked the girl.

As usual, my thoughts were engulfed by Taylor, but even I didn't miss the flash of something running at an unusual speed within the trees. Setting down my drink, I stood up and slowly walked over there to investigate. In previous years, a Supernatural from Four would try to crash our party and I wasn't about to have another thing bringing me down.

Heading away from the clearing, I formed a ball of fire to act as a light as I continued into the dark forest. My eyes searched between the branches and leaves, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I noticed the slight twitch above me. It took me a few seconds to make out the pitch black eyes before they jumped down straight towards me, several others joining in. I barely had enough time to jump out of the way, bringing my hand with the fire down on his head, slamming it into the ground as he came on me. I didn't stop to make sure it was fully dead, but rather I ran as I heard the snickering chatters of Catchers all around me.

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