Silence wants your name

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As soon as he finished reading the writing he smirked.

He smirked devilishly. Thank goodness I was wearing a mask, I might have been blushing brighter than a tomato.

"Fine then."

He stood up from his chair and started walking to the chair placed next to me.

Without losing the amusement in his eyes he sat down and comfortably leaned back.

"I am Alex. Current Alpha of The Shade pack," he pulled his hand out so that I may shake it but I flung it away.

The more I touched him the more I wouldn't want to let go.

He brought his hand back toward him self. I could tell he was angry at me for that action but he kept himself controlled.

"Alright then," he raised an eyebrow. "What about you, huh? You haven't properly introduced yourself either."

I was smirking underneath my mask. I guess I kind of walked into that one.

I grabbed the pen and began to write.

"Silence. Don't have a pack to provide food for me so I steal other's food instead.

I am also the mate of an Alpha.

Just in case you wanted to know ;)"

He scoffed. "You're really getting a kick outta this, aren't you kid?"

I narrowed my eye at him.

"I'm 19!" I wrote on the paper.

He inspected me for a moment. "You look like some 14-year-old," He got up and tapped the top of my head. "You're so short."

I angrily swatted his hand away from me. Every time he touched me I felt that feeling. One that I just couldn't describe but no matter what I wanted more.

He growled a little. "Did your parents ever teach you to respect your Alpha?!"

I simply shock my head 'no' not wanting to write on the paper anymore.

"Well they should have," he said quietly as he started to move behind me.

I didn't know what he was doing but I knew he wanted to see what was under my mask.

I felt him go for my hoodie but before he could I quickly grabbed his hand before making any contact with my hoddie.

"I shouldn't have under estimated you."

I had his a tight grip on is hand and I wasn't about to let go. It was my chance.

I grabbed his other hand and begun to twist.

He hissed a little but still kept him self-composed.

"Y-you little--"

I twisted harder.

As soon as I knew he couldn't take anymore I kicked his right leg.

With a crack and painful growls he fell. I had successfully broken his leg.

I ran toward the door and swung it open.

I was surprised it wasn't locked but I didn't really care.

I started to ran as far away as I could from Alex's office. I needed to get Jackson and leave.

Though the thought of leaving my mate did seem sad but I had to. Jackson was my only reason to live and move on. And that is what I had to do.

Move on.

I smelled Jackson. He was close.

I ran faster to the smell. When I reached Jackson he was in a living room talking to Olive. They were being watched by guards. Five in total.

They noticed me come in and covered the kids behind them.

"You kids stay back," said one of the guards. He was holding a silver knife and pushing Olive and Jackson to stay behind him.

Four of them attacked at once but I quickly dodged and elbowed all four on the back of the neck causing them all to knock out instantly. The one that told the kids to stay behind him was still protecting them.

I felt some respect for this one. If I wasn't here and someone else was trying to kill Jackson, I would have been really relieved that someone like him was protecting Jackson.

Too bad he was weaker than me. And he was in the way of me getting Jackson.

I quickly ran up to him and punched him in the stomach. He tried to stab me in the hip but I grabbed his hand before making contact.

I elbowed him in the back of his neck and he was knocked out.

I looked over to Jackson and Olive.

Olive was a little scared and standing behind Jackson. She was holding her shaken hands on his shoulders.

I looked over at Jackson. He quickly understood and put his hand over her's.

He sighed. "Don't worry Olive. Silence won't do anything to his biggest fan."

I kneed down on one knee. I didn't want to scare Olive.

I brought my hand out to her gesturing for her to place her hand over mine.

"Silence is asking you to put your hand out," Jackson informed Olive.

She looked at Jackson for little before moving from behind him.

She slowly took her hand out bring it toward mine. When she finally made contact with my hand I gently removed my mask.

She gasped and I smiled. I don't do this much but this is the first time a kid was willing to hang around me.

Jackson is stuck with me so he doesn't have a choice, but other kids do and they always stay clear from me.

She started to giggle a little. I slowly kissed her hand and looked up at her with a huge smile. I even think my dimple showed.

But since she thought I was a dude I guess for her it looked very appealing instead of cute.

I dropped my smile and looked over to Jackson. I nodded my head and stood up.

I started to put my mask back on while Jackson made his way toward me.

"Olive, Silence is going to take me to Rose. We have to go but thank you for everything. It was cool to spend my birthday with other people."

Olive smiled and pulled us both into a huge hug.

"This has been the best day ever!"

She moved away and smiled. I nodded to her and turned around with Jackson following behind me.

We jogged our way to the exit hoping we could make it out before the clock hit three. We have been here for some hours now and I just want to leave and rest. Maybe even have some time to celebrate Jackson's birthday.

We were almost to the main door and ready to escape into the woods.

Almost there.

"Hey! Wha-!"


I turn around to see Jackson in the arms of...



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