Chapter 1: In which it's a normal day

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She wasn't looking for a knight 

She was looking for a sword


The alarm jolted me from my sleep

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The alarm jolted me from my sleep. The image of father lying on the ground... 

I slapped my cheeks in an attempt to regain control of the dream that I had. 

Every night it was the same since that day. 

At first, it use to scare me. Waking me up screaming or sweating in the middle of the night. But I got used to it. I accepted that now the dream was a part of me- the deep dark part of me that I could tell no one. 

Be the sun, I chanted in my head. "Be the sun," I said out loud. 

Through the window, I could see that the sun that gave me so much hope was barely starting to rise. With my alarm set to 5:00am in the morning I woke up and went to sleep in darkness. 

I quickly got dressed in a blue t-shirt and jeans, finding one of my ratty sneakers under the bed and the other thrown across the room. 

It was time to make breakfast.

The smell of sizzling bacon and rising pancakes slowly woke me up.

Feeding the whole pack was hard. It was like feeding a black hole. Everything that was cooked was sucked in and yet still wanting more. 

Lizzy and Jane soon came to the kitchen- bright-eyed and woken up by their morning chores. 

"Morning Fayette," Lizzy said, grabbing the spatula from me and taking over the pancakes. 

"Lizzy, Jane," I said with a smile. They smiled back. 

Together we silently worked on feeding our army. There were a lot of early jobs that needed to be done before the pack woke up. Most didn't even know about it and just woke up to the luxury of fresh muffins, clean bathrooms, gear that was polished, rouge prisoners that were fed, and fresh laundry. 

It was hard. No one would want to go through backbreaking work every day, but someone had to. Those someones were the Omegas. 

I didn't mind though. I had been an omega for so long now, that I didn't really know how to be anything else. 

My thoughts always turned to this when I had chores that didn't keep me too occupied. 

Suddenly I felt a hand pass over my eyes. I smelled the air and smiled. 

"Breakfast is almost ready Alpha Bruno," I said, turning to face him and give him a morning welcome hug. 

Alpha Bruno laughed and returned my hug, and then proceeded to ruffle Jane and Lizzy's hair. They didn't mind though. It was already messed up from the work and heat of the kitchen.

"I'm so hungry!" Alpha Bruno whined. He faked like he was about to pass out, before leaning his body on us. 

We laughed and complained. All of us knew that the Alpha only acted like this around us. Playful and needy. For some reason he let his guard down when we were around. 

I smiled as Alpha Bruno tried to steal some bacon from Jane, only to be scolded and have his hand slapped. 

I had known Alpha Bruno my whole life. In a way, he was like a second father to me. He was always with me when I needed help- carrying me to my bed when mother had collapsed, and letting me cry for hours next to him when father....

I slapped my cheeks again, startling everyone in the kitchen. 

"You!" I waved my spatula at Alpha Bruno, "Get out!" I playfully teased, swatting my spatula at him. 

"Alright Alright!" He laughed and gave us one fleeting smile. The moment he walked out of the kitchen though his face hardened and he became the Alpha.

All of us omegas knew he wanted it to be a secret. Even an Alpha had to let off some steam and be himself every once in a while. We were all honored however that he had chosen us, the lowest of the low, to be a part of such a secret. 

Breakfast soon was ready and the stacks of pancakes, eggs, and bacon were quickly devoured. 

Everyone dug in greedily, some starving after a long night patrol, others just because of a good night sleep.

The omegas and I huddled in the kitchen. There was no such thing as leftovers, so we had to take a cautious amount of food that wouldn't affect the pack, but enough that we could still work on. 

Alpha Bruno refused to let us starve like how some packs did to their omegas. He always came after and made sure we had all eaten. 

Cooking and serving breakfast made it seem like the day was already over. However, it was just beginning. 

I sighed, remembering that Alpha Bruno had asked if two omegas would polish the training gear and repair it. 

Of course, everyone looked at me. 

I could fix almost anything. I had learned at an early age after all how to take care of myself. Plumbing, electricity, anything really I could fiddle with and work with to make work. 

The training equipment broke easily due to the pack members getting over excited and not having self-control. 

I opened the door and lead the other omega, Charles, inside. 

Splintered wood and rusty metal sat in desolation. I groaned on the inside knowing this would take all day and night. 

Be the sun, I thought.

I turned to Charles and smiled. "It'll be okay Charles," I said, "I'll help you if you need it and I'll do all the hard repairs. Why don't you start by polishing that spear?" 

 Why don't you start by polishing that spear?" 

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Woh ho first chapter done! 

Thanks for reading! 

Also, that's a picture of Fayette up at the top just to let you know! 

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