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Jack and I had just come back from Mackenzie's funeral about an hour ago, and I was still a little shook from everything.

That was the first time seeing her parents, old friends, and her other family in a while. The fact that the first time seeing them in a few years or a less was when they were all mourning her death is just so depressing.

I was sitting on my bed, still crying my eyes out about Mackenzie's death. The police said she's been dead since about last night, and now I know that's why she didn't pick up.

I looked through picture albums of us when we were younger and as we were growing up.

There were so many great pictures of the best memories with her. When I got a puppy and we both played with it all day, our first Halloween together, our first sleepover, and just so much more.

"Gabby?" I heard Jack knock on the door

"Yeah?" I answered while wiping away my tears and closing up the book, putting it under my pillow

"Can I come in?" He asked

"Um, yeah. Sure."

"Hey," he said as he gently opened up the door "you feelin' any better?" He asked softly, still with his white, button down shirt and dress pants on.

"Um.. Yeah."

"You don't look ok." He leaned on the doorframe.

"Jack?" I sighed


"I know she didn't do it."

"What do you mean?" He asked with furrowed eyebrows

"I know Mackenzie wouldn't just kill herself. She wouldn't drown either, she doesn't even like to take baths." I explained

"Well, maybe she just needed one." He shrugged

"No, I know Hayes did it." I cried into my hands.

He walked over and sat on the corner of my bed "Hayes didn't do it. I told you, you're just being paranoid."

"Then what happened to him? One day he wouldn't leave me alone, the next his friend that knew exactly what he was doing gets killed and he just so happens to be there, and now my best friend who I told everything to is gone. That's what her and Cameron both have in common, they knew everything that he was doing. Jack, I don't want you to be next."

"I'm not gonna be next."

"Yes you are." I cried.

He pulled me into his lap and wrapped his arms around me "Well, how about we go somewhere?"

"Go somewhere?" I repeated.

"Yeah, we could go to Chicago or something. We could go on a road trip to a nice place and stay there for a while to just get away and get our minds off of things."

"Chicago is really far."

"Yeah, that's the point." He chuckled

"Yeah, I guess that could be fun." I shrugged.

He wiped away the tears from my cheek and I rested my head on his shoulder.

"How about we leave the day after tomorrow?" He asked. I nodded my head and closed my eyes, already feeling tired.


Do you guys have any good book suggestions? It can be your's or someone else's, it doesn't matter, I just wanna read more books on here.

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