Chapter 2: In which I get reminded

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The best people possess a feeling for beauty, 

the courage to take risks, 

the discipline to tell the truth,

the capacity for sacrifice. 


their virtues make them vulnerable; 

They are often wounded,  

Sometimes destroyed. 

-Ernest Hemingway 

The repairs to the gear took longer than I thought

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The repairs to the gear took longer than I thought. 

It took three days. 

"Charles really," I said, shaving off a piece of wood to make a new hoop for the running course. "It's fine. I can finish this on my own." 

Quickly after starting our cleaning, I found out how hopeless Charles was at repairs and polishing. He kept knocking things over, apologizing profusely and then backing up to knock down another thing. Which would then lead to another string of apologies. 

Even me- known for my patience- was being worn thin. 

I finally had enough of him getting in my way.

"Charles," I said as sweetly as I could, "You are better being somewhere else. I'm pretty sure the other omegas are having a hard time without you." 

Charles smiled at that. 

"You should really go and help them," I added, just to drive home what I wanted. 

Charles agreed with me, knocking down a few arrows in the midst of his vigorous nodding.

At the doorway though he paused and looked down at me. 


I looked up, wiping away sweat from my eyes.

"I'm going to bring you some food. And water." He smiled at me, leaving me with a silly grin on my face.

I was glad that Charles would think of that. I knew he would get food, but it touched my heart to know that he remembered and thought of me. 

My stomach rumbled in that instance and I laughed out loud. I hadn't eaten in two days. I had only slept for about six hours, before getting up, making breakfast and then heading back to fix the gear.

I hid all this from Alpha Bruno of course. 

I knew he was kind and wanted us to be okay. But the amount of work us omega's had to do left us with little time to eat or sleep. 

My head perked up at the sound of footsteps approaching and then coming down the stairs.

Charles is fast when it concerns somethings, I grumbled in my mind.

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