Chapter 4: In which I am consumed

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Bad dreams

Bad dreams

Go away. 

Good dreams 

Good dreams 

Please stay. 

The Blue Moon Ceremony happens once every 15 years

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The Blue Moon Ceremony happens once every 15 years. 

I would have been four when the last one happened. 

Thinking back I don't remember it. That was a time when things were good. When my world was whole and I had people who loved me. When I was too young to know the words starve or work. 

I imagine that mother and father sat on the back porch so we could watch the moon. Me in mothers lap, while father ruffled my hair with affection- still able to remember me and love me with his whole heart. 

Closing my eyes I can still hear mother's laughter ringing. High like the chirp of a bird, with fathers deep voice accompanying it. The sound was the best music I could wish for. 

My fantasy was cut short abruptly by Lizzy's violent shakes and squeals. 

"Omy gosh Fayette!" She jumped up and down, grabbing my hands, forcing me to put down the clippers that I had in my hand and jump with her. 

"Alpha Bruno just told me you're going with us!" She squealed again and hugged me tightly. 

I hugged her back. I was always desperate for love and attention but was good at hiding it. 

She pulled away to smile at me. 

"I'm so glad," she said. "I was going to ask Alpha Bruno if you could come, or if I could stay with you!" She started to stroke my head affectionately. "I didn't want to leave you here with people who could hurt you." 

My emotions almost overwhelmed me. To hide the tears that were threatening to overflow I quickly hugged Lizzy. She laughed and gave me a tight hug back. 

"Thanks, Lizzy," I whispered. 

"No problem my little sunshine," she said laughing. 

We sat down on the porch to the pack house. I had been trimming the bushes before Lizzy arrived, but decided a break was needed. 

"I'm so excited you're going," Lizzy gushed. "And maybe if we have time off from work we can catch a glimpse of the Prince!" Lizzy mimicked the emotion of swooning. 

I laughed at her silliness. "I thought the Prince was doing a travel around the world or something?" I asked.

Lizzy's eyes brightened at the question. "Yes!" she said, "The Prince is so romantic! He's traveling around the world to find his life mate!" Lizzy started to squeal again. 

I smiled at her. I loved it when she got excited and crazy over meaningless topics. In some ways, it helped all of us omegas stay a little sane and remember that there were other things to life. 

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