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jungkook pov

August 1

" jungkook! hiroto! it's time to go! "

" okay mommy "

Today's the day.

Today's the day, the day of my birthday, well and hirotos birthday too but that's beyond the point right now.

We are heading our way to my aunts house where a big surprise is waiting for me and hiroto.

I had plan to take taehyung with me but mother did not approve, saying that 'we should celebrate this with only family' but if only she knew that taehyung means more to me then family

I headed my way to our car, settling myself in the seat.

" jungkook, where is hiroto? " my mother asks as she searched the back seat where a little hiroto is no where to be seen

" I don't know mommy "

" I'm right here mommy " hiroto dashed out of the house, hands quickly zipping up his power ranger backpack

He quickly sit himself down, safely buckling his seat belt in place

My mom scanned both me and hiroto making sure we had our seatbelt on and then signal my father that it was clear to start the car
" okay now that we are all are here let's get going "

The car slowly began to move, picking up speed as we go. I began to gaze upon the passing trees since that's what I'm practically only going be seeing for the 2 hour drive

Not even an hour pass and I'm already getting bored of the same lame color that was scattered outside

I began to rummage through my baggy, looking for any sources of enjoyment. While in search for a little distraction I heard a small giggle. My head turned, I watched how hiroto was peeking inside his baggy and trying to silence his giggle which he clearly failed at.

Obviously me being the curious boy I am I couldn't help but ask my brother for the reason he was laughing

" what you got there hiroto? "

He quickly zipped up his baggy, then pulled it up to his chest like he was hiding something.

He was definitely hiding something

His face says it all

" nothing.. " his grip on his bag tighten

" let me see " I reached out for his bag trying to get a grip on it to the yank it towards me but he scooted further away from me

" no! "

Having  enough of this silly game I unbuckled my seatbelt to get a better chance to grab a hold of the bag
" let me see!! "

" stop jungkook "

Although he tried his best to prevent me from taking the bag, I was able to take it from him and I didn't waste no time to zip the bag open to see the source of my twin brother mischievous giggles

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