Silence causes trouble

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The pack house was pretty big. I was able to walk around it once in thirty minutes. It was nice I was able to get around without anyone bothering me.

After my little self-tour I got back to the room Alex let Jackson and I borrow, Olive was in the front of the door about to knock on it.

I didn't want to scare her by popping out of nowhere without telling her so I tapped the wall so that she knew I was there. She jumped a little but as soon as she saw it was me she relaxed.

"Silence, the food is ready. I came here to show you to the dinning room. If you don't mind my other brothers will be joining us and some fighters from our pack. It's about ten people in total, including you two. We have seats for you guys so don't worry about finding a space."

I nodded as she knocked on the door.

Jackson came out after about five knocks. He looked like he just took a nap, he had the cutest bedhead. Of course I would never tell him that, he hates it when I call him cute.

"What do you want?" He said it with a sleepy tone almost making me forget he was being rude, he is the cutest when he is tired.

I practically raised him for five years so I get to act like mom towards him sometimes.

With a grin on her face Olive told Jackson the same thing she told me about a few minutes ago.

Jackson stared at Olive with lazy eyes, he was looking at her but his mind was somewhere else.

Then he spoke. "Will the alpha be there?"

"Well of course. My brother has to be there, he is the alpha," explained Olive.

Jackson narrowed his eyes at her before looking at me trying to decided if he should go or not.

"We are coming but Silence is still a threat to your pack, remember? That is why he should sit as far away from the alpha as possible, but don't worry I would gladly sit next to Silence to keep him in check, is that okay?"

Jackson is quick to think, it doesn't matter what situation he is in, he can think of at least one thing to do before combat.

"Of course! Now come on you two! Food is getting cold," Olive exclaimed as she started skipping down the hall leading us to what we presume is the dinning room.

Jackson and I kept the same pace next to each other, we both wanted to say something but being quiet may have been the best decision for now. 

I knew we were getting close because of how loud the yelling was getting from each step we took. They were arguing about something. 

"What the hell!?!"

I wonder what they are arguing about?

"How can you let Silence walk around the house on his own?! What?! Aren't you worried about our pack!? He can easily steal or kidnap some of our members! He is a skilled fighter!

I always had an affect on people, every time I was around people they would argue about me. I remember causing Maria and alpha Dave to not talk to each other for about a whole week, and all I had to do was be there and do nothing. 

By now I knew the kids were hearing the loud yelling too, but it didn't stop Olive. She ran to some doors with us tailing behind her. As soon as we were in front of the doors Olive pushed the doors open with a loud bang grabbing everyone's attention. 

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