Chapter 46

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Arhaan POV

Five years later

"Wake up wake up" Rehan shouted.

"Just a minute please" I groaned.

" had to go to work" he said.

I quickly got up and was now sitting. What is the use of going to office now? I have lost everything due to my stupidity. It's been five years now and I haven't find a clue about her.

I'm always in touch with her parents though they never talk to me. Her father was charging a case against me but Saniya stopped him saying that she will never like this. I always call them or sometimes send voice message apologizing to them.

Yes, Saniya is now not angry with me. When I and Rehan had shown her all the proofs she was shocked. But after that she apologized for all her violence. So now I have got Saniya also as a friend. Yes, Saniya and Rehan both love each other but they are not going to confess at all.

I got up from the bed and went to the washroom. After freshening up when I looked myself in the mirror I only see hollow in my eyes with lots of eye bags and dark circles. I have even lost weight because I no longer like the every food I keep on looking for her hand made cooked food which I can't get.

I'm not sleeping properly because all I keep doing is pray. Every night I pray and ask for forgiveness and cry for the well being of my girl my Mahira that I can find her soon. Come home to me.
Soon my thoughts were interrupted with a knock on my door.

"Arhaan" Rehan knocked.

I quickly clear my throat "five minutes" I replied and wiped my tears.

After getting ready I walked out only to find Rehan all ready and was tapping his foot impatiently. I rolled my eyes at his behavior. My cell started ringing and I quickly checked the caller id which says Boss. I picked up the call.

"Good morning Sir" I said in a formal tone.

"Good morning Arhaan...I hope you are ready?" He asked

"Yes absolutely" I replied.

"'re flight is in four hours" he informed me.

"Okay Sir." I replied back.

"Don't forget I want that deal anyhow" he said sternly.

"Yes In Sha Allah we will get" I replied.

"And how many times should I tell you to not be formal with me? Remember Arhaan this is your post, this chair is not're taking the punishment without doing anything".

"I don't care anymore now about that chair. I only care now about Mahira. And I have made mistakes I never respected her so why I shouldn't be punished then?" I replied.

"I understand Arhaan but still...I don't like to boss around. It's not my place heck I have my own company" he was frustrated.

"Calm down's not your fault. You were also in the dark like me. We both have lost someone whom we both had loved. You lost your fiance and I lost my wife!!" I said.

Yes, Yahya is the new CEO of my company. How? Well...his parents and my parents did know each other so my dad decided to make him the CEO. And when he found out about Laiba he immediately broke all the ties with her and from that day we don't know where is she nor we care!! Yahya is already married now and is soon going to be a father. He loves her wife but still he loved Laiba alot.

"Okay okay as you say. Now hurry or you both will miss the flight" he said chuckling. And he ended the call. When I turned to look at Rehan he was glaring at me.

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