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"Any.... Anya....", my sister-in-law sniffed. I frowned. What could possibly go wrong? I had just got off the phone with Jason. Everything seemed to be normal . Half an hour later, I got a call from his sister who was brave enough to make such a call like this. I tried hard not to imagine the worst that could happen. Because today is my pre-wedding bash and the wedding is just two days away. Clearly but annoyingly everybody was waiting for the "I do" moment to happen .Surely there's going to be a lot of tears.

"Carrie... what's wrong?" I asked her slowly.

"Oh god! I am so sorry... but he's gone..." she blurted out. I frowned harder. All the scary thoughts came rushing into my mind. My knees went weak and I fell to the ground.

"Jason is gone, Anya... There was an explosion in one of the shops he was in", Carrie broke down crying.

I could not speak. I could not cry. I could not move. I just stared at the wall. My vision started to blur and then the darkness consumed me.

7 years later

Since the death of my beloved, I could not explain how happy I am now. My best friend is back to reality. He turned my life into something magical where dreams really do come true.

Somehow Jason's death left a lot of questions unanswered. But I never looked for answers. It was over. He left me. I now have a beautiful family. What else to look for?

Unfortunately destiny took a great leap.

Turning up on my doorstep was not someone I had expected to see in a million years. This sudden surprise shook my world and brought out all my unanswered questions.

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