Chapter 6: In which I bleed

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While they all fall in love with her smile

She waits for one who will fall in love with her scars

- The Dreamer

It had been a month since Alpha Bruno had left us at the Palace

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It had been a month since Alpha Bruno had left us at the Palace. 

The awe and splendor of it still had my head reeling when I walked through the halls. 

Gold seemed to frame every inch of the white polished stone. And then there were some halls that were red and jeweled, some that were carved in nothing but the darkest of stone, and even still halls that had paintings swirling on the ceiling and through the walls, depicting stories and tales. 

The first few days it had been a distraction to me. 

I wanted nothing more than to just explore the grandeur of it all. Soak in the architecture- ask whoever how such a feat as building this structure was possible. 

But I wasn't able to. 

When Alpha Bruno brought us, I thought that not much would need to be done, since the Blue Moon Ceremony was a month away. Surely the Castle had taken the necessary precautions and had the majority of what they needed to be done by now. 

But I was wrong. 

When we arrived, we arrived to chaos and disorder. Since the Ceremony only happened once every 15 years, not many of the servants and decorators knew what to do or how to set up. 

"Who knows how to work wiring?" One man screamed. 

He was running frantically from one end of the room to the other. However, his plea was met with shaking of heads and "sorry not me."

Alpha Bruno pushed me up to the man and, with one hand on my shoulder called attention over to me. The man rushed over, slightly large and breathing heavily with a red face. 

"My Pack member knows how to work with wiring," was all Alpha Bruno said, before giving me a slight nudge and releasing me to the man. 

The other Omegas that came; Charles, Phillip, Jane, and Lizzy, quickly went to work. Lizzy and Jane became my assistants of sorts. With them, we set up the light show that would take place during the Ceremony, the lights leading up to the Castle and the lights surrounding it. 

Through the next weeks, I learned the name of the man who first approached me- He insisted that we call him Mr. Obi. 

"Amazing," he breathed, as I fiddled with the BOX, to get the lights to switch on and change color. 

"Where did you learn to do all this?" He asked.

I smiled at him. I had grown to like Mr. Obi. He was a kind man and didn't treat Jane, Lizzy and I with any harshness. 

"I'm just good with my hands I guess," I said. 

Lizzy approached us and heard the last part of our conversation. 

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