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I parked in front of Mackenzie's old house and sat there for a minute, contemplating how this shit would affect me in the future. It could either end with me getting arrested, interrogated, dead, or living a better, somewhat carefree life. One out of those four are pretty good. Plus, I can't let this boy gradually ruin my life.

It's all locked up and the powers off and stuff, so this is going to be ten times harder than it already was.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and grabbed my flashlight.

I walked up to the front door to find a silver lock that required a key on it "Fuck." I said under my breath.

I walked around the house to the back door and that was locked too.

I looked around for something to help me get in and found myself staring at a small window connected to the basement.

Now, I just want to let it be known that a bitch has seen so many horror movies in her days that she can barley survive in a small apartment by herself, so this was out of the question. But, this is my best friend we're talking about, and I'd do anything for her.

I tried kicking at the window and ended up fucking up my toe, so that's one more problem I have to deal with.

I grabbed a large rock that was laying in her small, attempt of a garden and smashed the window with it. It wasn't my best option as an entrance into the house, but at least it was something.

I crawled through the tight space and landed in the basement.

I got up and turned on my flashlight and looked around the basement. I have to admit, I was hella scared. I hate the dark and basements, so it was two for one.

I quickly found myself to the basement door and opened it, seeing more pitch blackness.

I went upstairs to her room, still literally shaking and checked there. I checked her bathroom, living room, guest rooms, kitchen, and everything, but it wasn't there.

I went back down to the basement and climbed out of the window again, frustrated because I had a million heart attacks in that creepy ass house for nothing.

I went back to my car and got in. I sat there, thinking for a second, contemplating on weather it was a good idea or not.

I know he's insane, but maybe I am too.

I put the keys in the ignition and drove off towards Hayes' house.


I was parked down the street from his house, still deciding on whether it was a good idea or not.

I know he did it, and I really want to avenge her and bring justice and all that stuff.

"Gabby, if you die in there, at least you'll see Mackenzie soon."' I tried to think on the bright side.

The police already think I'm crazy, so if I get caught, I either in trouble with Hayes or I'm in trouble with the cops. They're both pretty bad though.

I took in a deep breath and got out of the car, slowly making my way down the street to his house.

I parked down the street from his house cause if he wasn't home, I didn't want him coming home and seeing my car.

I walked up to the front door and hesitated to knock. I looked into the glass on the side of the door to see if there are any signs of him being home. The lights were on, so maybe he was.

I finally built up the courage to knock on the door and as soon as I did, I regretted it.

I waited a few seconds for him to answer the door, and he didn't so I knocked again and there was still no answer.

I picked the lock, already feeling my stomach turn because I knew this was a terrible idea.

I got it open, and the cool air from inside hit me.

I took another deep breath and stepped inside "Hayes?" I called out... No answer "Hayes? Are you there?" I called out again, but there was no answer.

I quickly closed the door and locked it back.

I walked into the kitchen and checked around in the drawers and on the messy countertops and kitchen table. I went to the living and dining rooms, hoping to find something. I looked all around for about twenty minutes, but found nothing.

I decided it was time for me to go upstairs, so I headed up there, in fear that there was a chance he'd be up there.

I got to the first room and it was locked. I got to the second and the next room was his bathroom. I walked in there, searching through a whole bunch of things that I didn't want to touch or even see, but I found nothing.

Next, I entered his room which was also messy, as usual.

I looked around his room, going through clean and dirty clothes that I really, really didn't want to touch, but my mind stayed on Mackenzie.

I searched through his drawers and closet and stuff.

I looked through one last drawer, his underwear drawer, and found a small brown paper bag in the back of it.

I grabbed it and hoped that it wasn't something I didn't want to see.

When I opened it up and poured out the contents inside on his messy dresser, they were all Mackenzie'smissing things.

Her phone, her necklace, her watch, and the key.

I heard the front door open and close then footsteps nearing Hayes' room.

I grabbed all of the stuff and silently closed the drawer. I looked around the room and stupidly decided to hide under the bed.

Hayes walked into the room and I could see his feet from where I was. I covered up my mouth to silence my breathing.

"Where is it?" He mumbled to himself while flipping on the lights. He walked around the room, searching for whatever he was looking for.

He got on his knees in front of the bed, and I was literally shaking. He put his hands on the floor to help support his body weight, and out of nowhere the house phone started ringing. He let out a groan and got up to go downstairs.

Once he was gone, I got out from under the bed. I put everything but her phone back in the drawer, and opened up his bedroom window as much as I could which was barley a foot then climbed out. I closed the window and it slammed shut, so I crawled down the roof as fast as possible.

As I was climbing down the gutter, my foot slipped, causing me to fall onto the hard ground, landing on my back.


I entered the front door of Jack's house silently, hoping not to make any noise.

"Hey, Gabby, where've you been?" Jack asked while yawning. I looked over and he was laid across the couch so his feet were on one side and his head was on the other.

"Oh, I just went to my apartment real quick to get some stuff." I shrugged while shoving the phone deeper into my pocket.

"Ok, well how about we leave tomorrow morning. It's what? 8:00 now," he checked the time on his phone "We can leave at like 6 or 7." He suggested.

"Yeah, sounds good." I said while walking to the stairs. It's been a really long day, and I just wanna go to sleep.


I know this chapter sucked, but at least it was long. I'm thinking of redoing it though. And of corse now I update my books a lot when school starts :') Fuck this shit. Off to my second day of school in an hour fml

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