Silence isn't used to this

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It was very quiet. Neither of us said anything to each other. I sure didn't want to explain all of this.

I was kneeling on the ground like some cow waiting to be milked while he was just watching me from the darkness of the room.

What should I say? Or should I even say anything?

Lucky for me I didn't have to think of that for much longer after he finally decided to break the tention in the room.

"This. This is big. Very useful information if I do say so my self."

No kidding.

The last thing I was expecting was for him to actually be gay. What other reason would he want to see me, Silence, who he think is a guy, undress?

. . . . .


I need to stop. I know I am just trying to act as if everything is okay and that my mate is gay so that I don't feel like an idiot for not realizing that he was the one how turned up the heat in the dinning room. How could I have missed that?

What if I had gone to the restroom instead of the room he gave me? He would have probably stayed here like some creepy doll.

Out of nowhere the sound of someone getting off of the couch snapped me from my thoughts as I heard him making slow steps toward me.

Should I look up or should I stay still? Maybe I should act cool or like I wanted him to find out. No that won't work, he can clearly feel the panic going through my mind through our stupid mate connection! If I'm lucky I might be able to beat him up like I did when we were in his office. No, it would be rude to just start a fight just because I was being careless. Maria would get mad at me for fighting with my mate. If she was still here she would probably hit me on the head for even fighting with him once as soon as we meet.

Without me noticing a rough hand grabbed my chin and forced me to face up.

At that moment I knew I wasn't the only one feeling the sparks coming from that simple gesture.

I had I better look at him now that my beanie cap wasn't hiding my left eye anymore.

He was exactly what I pictured my mate to be. I totally had a dream about him once or twice.

He looked at if he never wanted to forget my face ever again. Then his attention landed on the little bit of hair that was covering my left eye. The last thing I wanted was for my mate to reject me because of my eye so I quickly pushed his hand away before he moved my hair away.

"Get up."

Stupid Rose, now you made him angry!

Remember Maria wouldn't want you to fight with your mate...again. Stupid alpha and his stupid ways of bossing people around.

I rolled my eyes but he wasn't able to see because I was faced down. I got up like he said and stared at him straight in the eye.

"Can you talk?"

I cleared my throat dramatically before finally speaking for the first time to my mate. "Yea. I do."

I know he like the sound of my voice by the mate connection we have. It is weird to think that I actually like my voice a little more now.

"What's your name?"


A little smirk followed by a chuckle came from him. I guess he knew Jackson was lying the whole time.

"I knew I liked that name."

Does he like everything about me?

If someone says something nice it will be good to say something nice back, it would be the mannerly thing to do.

Maria's words rang through my ears.

She tought me how to socialize...or at least tried too, when I joined her pack. After so many years I think I got comfortable to only having to have conversations with Jackson that I forgot that Maria would help me out around these situations.

Okay. I have to complement him, how bad can it be? Besides I already answered some of his questions without any problems.

"I liked yours too...I guess...I-I don't know," I whispered loud enough for him to hear. I wish I could face palm myself but I don't think it would go will at this time.

Answering questions and complimenting people are on totally different levels.

"Stop," he ordered in a low tone.

But I wasn't doing anything at all. I have been in the same spot since he told me to get up. The only difference since then was that he sat down on the edge of one of the beds.

"Stop what?"

Great, now I don't stutter. I guess I can't be a good person and complement people without being a total dork. To bad, I give pretty great complements if I try.

"Your worrying too much I can feel it through the mate connection and its giving me a headache. Calm down, I won't do anything to you. Besides why are you so nervous? I'm you mate, your not supost to be nervous around me."

"I'm not nervous. I'm just not used to this," I pointed in between us as if there was something actually there. "I am not used to being a girl around werewolves. Most of the time when I am Rose I am around humans, not werewolves and especially never my mate."

"Its good to know that guys don't cling around you then. But you have to get used to being around werewolves sooner or later."

"Yea? And why is that?"

He stood up and grabbed the back of my neck pulling me closer until my chest pressed against his.

"Because your my mate. Meaning you'll be joining my pack. So welcome new comer, I hope you like it here. Wait never mind let me changed that." He cleared his throat with a little satisfied smirk before continuing. "Welcome Luna, I hope you like our pack. Rose my dear."

My heart needed to calm down before it explodes.


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