Bonus Chapter: Weston's POV

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So, I decided to dedicate this bonus chapter to all of you who are reading this book right now. Yes, all you beautiful people. (: This is Weston's POV. Just wanted to show you guys how he's feeling.



- Weston’s POV. - 

Eli, Jet, Warren and I decided to be late for Jenkins’s class again. It’s not like he would care. He was a cool teacher and understood that we had some business to take care of before getting to class. Plus, I have the highest grade in that class. Even if I was star of the football team and spent a lot of time with the ladies, I still found time to study.

However, we didn’t have business to take care off today. But, we didn’t feel like going to class just yet either. So we were leaning against the lockers while Eli was rambling about his mate, Abigail.

“… I can’t believe she let that guy touch her and kiss –“ He kept saying, running his hands in his hair furiously. Abigail and Eli’s relationship was complicated and it’s best if you ask them yourselves.

Speaking of relationships, I was still thinking of that girl I bumped into this morning. I remembered the feeling of the tingles I felt when we touched. She smelt good too. I missed her scent already. The smell of strawberries and something else I couldn’t explain. She was extremely beautiful too. She also had curves in all the right places. Her eyes were a forest green and I would pay anything to stare into those eyes once more. But, when I smelt a hint of Jarred Hunter on her, I was angry. That’s why I was rude to her this morning. However, I regretted it. I felt her pain and embarrassment as I walked away while she fell on the ground.

She was my mate, I knew that for sure. But, I couldn’t love her. I knew my dad would get angry because she was human. I knew that my reputation as an Alpha would be ruined. I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t fall off the ladder. I couldn’t make myself go downhill after I worked so hard climbing -

“Hey, Weston.” Jet waved in front of my face, interrupting my thoughts. “Wes, why you so quiet? Are you alright man?”

“Yeah,” I groaned. “Let’s just get to class.” They all nodded in agreement. When we opened the door to Mr. Jenkins’s class, I smelt her. Her scent was so strong. It was mouth watering. I was desperate for her touch. I was desperate to run my fingers through her soft, dark hair. I was desperate to look into her green eyes. I was desperate for her. No, I fought with myself. So instead, I took a big whiff of her scent.

Mr. Jenkins stood up and I tried to pry my eyes away from the class. I tried to avoid her eye contact before I fell for those green eyes again. Her scent was already driving me insane and I could hear my wolf howling inside of me. Obviously, he was going crazy too. Mate, my wolf growled at me. Go. to. mate.

 No, I snapped. 

“Oh, speaking of the angels,” I heard Abigail say. “They finally graced us with their presence.”  I rolled my eyes as her and Eli started to go at it again. But, I ignored it, listening to whatever Mr. Jenkins had to say. I smirked at him, wondering what he was going to say this time.

““Where are your passes boys? I assume you have a reason to be late, Mr. Marshall?” Mr. Jenkins asked. Obviously, he asked me because I was Alpha of the Crescent Pack. I was leader and I was supposed to take care of all the responsibilities. Oh well, I was only in high school. I’ll let Warren take care of it again. He was the most responsible one. 

I shook my head and smirked. “Mr. Jenkins, you know I’m not the responsible one.”

“Oh, Weston. When are you ever going to learn that being a leader, especially for this group, requires responsibility?” He asked and I rolled my eyes again.

I felt someone staring at me, so I slowly turned my head to find my mate staring at me. For some odd reason, I found comfort in that. God, she was so beautiful, I thought. However, I’m not weak and I was not going to let just one girl mess that up. So, I put on my signature smirk, the one that made the girls go crazy for me.  “Like what you see?” I asked.

She mirrored my smirk. “If I liked trash, then maybe.” I was shocked by her response and every person in the class went dead quite, turning their attentions to her. No one ever stood up to me. To Weston Marshall. I was angry at the fact that she answered me back, but another part of me was proud that she was strong. Right when I was about to hit her with another comeback, Eli and Jet ran up to her.

“So, you’re the new girl Jade was talking about yesterday!” Elliot said. “Nice to meet you, I’m Elliot, but call me Eli.” He stuck out his hand and she shook it. I was jealous that he was touching her. That he felt her smooth skin. That I’m not the one holding her hand in mine right now. My wolf started growling, but I scolded it to be quiet.  Abigail scoffed and I rolled my eyes at her. “Abs, babe, you don’t have to be jealous,” Eli said looking over his shoulder at Abigail.

“And I’m Jet,” Jet smiled at my mate and shook her hand.

“I’m Daniella, but call me Danny. It’s nice to meet you guys,” She said sincerely and smiled genuinely. Her smile was breathtaking and again, I was jealous that she didn’t smile to me. Danny was her name, huh?  I thought to myself. That’s one hell of a sexy name. I quickly shook those thoughts away.

“Okay, let’s begin this class,” Mr. Jenkins called out and I groaned. Eli, Jet, and I took our seat while Warren talked to Mr. Jenkins. Obviously, he was talking to him about our tardiness. Danny was watching him, curiously.

Warren was walking back to his seat when I caught him smiling at my mate and then winked at her. That was something he did often when he saw something he liked. Then, I turned to Danny only to find her looking down, blushing. A smile crept on her face. What the fuck? I felt the rage build up inside of me and I felt my wolf itching to come out. It was scratching at my skin. I was already growling and Warren looked at me curiously before taking the seat next to mine. However, I just took deep breaths, telling my wolf to calm down. Involuntarily, I smacked Warren across the head, which earned me a death glare from him.

“What the fuck, Wes?” He growled. He was Beta of the pack, but I was still Alpha. I still had control.

“Don’t look at her like that again.” I said between my teeth clenched. My hands were shaking under the desk. Suddenly, I felt my pack’s eyes on me. Warren looked at me like he was trying to figure out something. “What War?” I asked, trying to calm down.

“Is she your mate?” Warren asked, but quietly so the humans couldn’t hear it.

I had the urge to say yes. To claim her as mine. However, I reminded myself I couldn’t appear weak. “No,” I forced out. “She’s not my mate. What the hell are you thinking?”

“Sorry,” he said sarcastically.

The rest of the class time, I kept glancing at Danny. She was concentrated as she wrote down notes. There was a little crease between her eyebrows as she concentrated. I found it cute. I found a lot of things about her that I already loved. The way she bit the end of her pencil when she drifted off into space, the way she swung her legs under her desk, and the way her smile brightened up her whole face when Abigail talked to her.

I quickly shook those thoughts away. I couldn’t love her. I just couldn’t. I could get over her. It’s going to be a challenge though. The only question is, can I really?

- oiiink, hoped you liked it. (:

xo, zabelle06

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