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Chapter Eleven

The look of confusion evident on my face slowly started disappear, a blank expression taking its place. I stared ahead, keeping my eyes glued on a particular spot on the wall at the end of the restaurant.

          "You're fired."

          "What?" I asked in a panic.

          "You heard me. Give me your name tag and uniform and leave."

          I couldn't believe him. He had always acted like an older brother to me; always taking care of me, always watching out for me. He was the best boss anyone could ask for. Why was he suddenly being so cold, and why was he asking me to leave?

          "But.. why?"

          I had worked at his restaurant for a year. I loved it, I loved being a waitress.

          "You didn't think I'd eventually find out about all the stupid things you have been doing and getting yourself into? I hired you because you were a sweetheart. You were such a good person, Lauren. How do you think it makes me feel when I find out that the girl I love like my own little sister has been lying to me and making drug deals behind my back in my restaurant?" He spat out in disgust.

          My eyes widened. How did he even find out? No one was supposed to know, no one was supposed to say anything.


          "No, I don't want to hear it, Lauren. Give me your uniform and leave."

          That had been the last time I spoke to Dave, not to mention the last time I had a job. I loved being a waitress, but I was left traumatized ever since that day. I couldn't even think about working as a waitress without thinking about how I let him down. How I had hurt the people I loved, and the look on Dave's face when I walked out of his restaurant. I vowed I would never work as a waitress again.

          But now here I was, about to get a job as a what?

          A waitress.

          I shook my head. "No, I can't - I - I don't.."

          "Lauren, yes, you can. You can do this, okay? I know it's hard for you to talk to people you don't know, but this is the only way to fix that."

          But that's not what this about!

          I opened my mouth to protest, but Logan cut me off before I could even form any words.

          "Come on, let's get you a job." He gently grabbed my arm and pulled me along with him while he worked his way through the tables.

          I groaned and mentally threw a tantrum, just the way a three year old would do when their parents wouldn't buy them that toy they wanted.

          I would do just fine without this stupid job.

          But although I very much didn't want to be a waitress, I kept my mouth shut and refrained from saying a word. After all, Logan was taking time his own time to help me. I should've been thankful for that.

          As we walked through the crowded restaurant, we passed some of the waiters and waitresses. It was odd; they all seemed to know Logan. They all greeted him and called him by his name and smiled at him as if they had known each other forever. I wondered how he knew all these people.

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