Chapter 1

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"Hurry up, Alessandra!" I heard someone yell from downstairs. I rolled my eyes before pulling my suitcase from my bed.

"I'm coming! Geez, have some patience woman!" I screamed back. Gosh, I hated her! Her being my step-mum. Yep, my step-mum. It's kinda unusual for a werewolf to have step-parents, you're only meant to have ONE soulmate.

Basically, my mother and my father, two beautiful people, met one night in a club. They started talking, drank a lot and had sex. 9 months later, my dad found me on the border of Darkmoon Pack, with a note attached to me. He brought me up and 2 years later, he met his mate, Hattie. She hated me from the beginning but then a year after, she had my sister. A few years after that, my brothers came. I was basically the little stain on a perfect shirt. Basically, I was the blacksheep. Also didn't help that my dad favoured me the most. Well, I understand that, I mean look at me!

I started tugging my suitcase down the stairs, not even bothering to carry it down. "That's all your bringing?" Hattie asked, her pretty face twisted into an ugly grimace. Her brown hair was pulled into a neat bun and her dress hugged her figure. Her tanned face was also covered in a lot of makeup.

"Yes, unlike you, all I need is a few pair of clothes, clean underwear and my toothbrush and hairbrush." I smiled at her sarcastically, inclining my head to the right.

Before she could reply, Austin came bouncing along, a duffle bag in his hands. "Yo bitch, are you coming or not?" Hattie instantly shut her mouth and smiled a sickly sweet smile at him. He was the alpha's son, that's why. She actually hated him.

"Of course jerk, I'm kinda having a heart-to-heart moment with my mother!" I said mockingly, and laughed along with him. He hated her too.

"Yeah yeah. You're coming with me and Liam aren't you?" He asked, a cute pout on his lips. And if you're wondering, he's gay and one of my best friends.

"Liam and I. And yep." I smiled at him before grabbing his hand and dragging him away. "See ya soon Hattie!"

"Oh, I'm so excited! I heard that Prince Cayden is a hottie!" He squealed as we walked over to Liam's jeep.

"All I heard was hottie and I hope it was about me." Liam said with a straight face, leaning against the driver's door.

"Of course, dear." Austin said, patting his cheek.

I smiled at them as I watched them interact. They looked like polar opposites, Austin always smiling, whilst Liam always brooded; they were perfect for each other. That's what I thought as well as the moon goddess. Great minds think alike!

Liam, Austin and I had always been the three musketeers, always playing and fighting together. They always had some kind of chemistry between them, and then when Austin turned 17, the age you find your mate, he found out it was Liam. Obviously, he hid it from him, as then Liam was quite the ladies man. During the few months till Liam's birthday, they started drifting apart until Austin blurted out his secret. Long story short, they fought and are now 4 years strong because of yours truly. ME!

If you hadn't guessed yet, Liam is the Beta, but I'm still stronger than both of them!

"Oi, Alessandra, stop daydreaming and get into the car!" Liam snapped, pulling me out of my thoughts, to realise that the two men were already in the car.

"Hey, I called shotgun!" I whined, when I saw Austin in my seat.

"I'm his mate darling, I'm always first!" He winked at me and I playfully glared at him whilst I clambered into the back.

As I pulled in my seatbelt, I noticed all the other cars also leaving. "Hey, wake me up when we get there." I closed my eyes and rested my head on the window when I heard Liam agree.

I had a long training yesterday, and I only got an hour sleep.

"Off we go the ball!" Was the last thing I heard before I drifted into sleep.

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