Chapter Thirty: The Broken, Innocent and Guilty.

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I am so sorry for not updating on this story for a long time. But finally, it has come to an end. Many thanks to everyone who read and supported NTG. The ending may not be what everyone wishes, but there is a promise of something better to come.



Primula POV

Setting up, I observed my surrounding. The room was nothing I have ever seen before. The walls looked like they were made out of soft white fluffy clouds; they framed the four walls of the room clouding us in a soft heavenly cocoon. I'm guessing the room's intention was to soothe our nerves but nothing could do that not after learning that everything I am, was and probably will be was fashioned by my creators. I honestly didn't know what to feel. The gods who created me changed my destiny for their own gain. Wasn't that just laughable? I must be one of the unluckiest soul there ever was for even heaven to manipulate me. Shaking my head, I crawled to Arion, shaking him awake. He got up quickly, surveying the area, scouting for any danger. I smiled sadly, it was so Arion. When he was sure no danger lurked around the corner, he gazed at me, "hi, how are you?"

 All I could do was shrug. I wasn't okay and truthfully I don't think I ever will be. Not even if Arion survived his ordeal.

"Where are we?" He changed his question.

I stared at his mop of yellow hair and sighed. "Beats me. I woke up and I was here."

"I guess there is nothing we can do but wait."

"I guess," I agreed and we sat in an awkward silence. I watched him for a long time wondering if I should tell him what my mother told me.

"Primula," he spoke before I could make the decision to tell him.

"Yeah?" I asked.

“Whatever happens to me I-”

“What did you and Jebidiah talked about before Selene brought us here?” He studied me knowingly. I had no intention of listening to his last will.

“Nothing much. Jay just thinks I am holding back because I feel sorry for him. He thinks if he gives me his approval I would feel less guilty.”

“About what?” I didn’t understand what he was saying.

“Don’t worry about it.” I nodded and we entered into another awkward silence. I didn’t want to pry into him and his nephew’s conversation so I let it go. But still, the quiet was killing me. I hated it because it told the truth about my life.

“Why do you call Jebidiah Jay?” I know it was a pathetic way to break the silence but I just hated the empty feeling it brought with it.

He chuckled, a faraway look in his eyes. “I decided his nickname should be Jay because ‘Jeb’ was just too predictable.”  Again we enter into another…ugh, when was Selene getting here? Where was here anyway? The absence of the gods worried me. What where they scheming this time? I had nothing to lose so I don’t think they could destroy me more than they already have. The only thing if I lose that would hurt me was Arion and well, he was already on his death bed, so at this point nothing could break me.

Finally, not talking was killing me so I decided to tell him what my mother explained to me. He listened tentatively until the end.

After a while, he sighed, “I suspected something like this was probably the case.”

“What?” I asked in shock. “You knew the gods brought you from your world, killed my mother, and manipulated the pack to abuse me?”

“I just knew something wasn’t right.”

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