Chapter 3

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"So you're from Mooncreek Pack?" I asked some girls, wolfing down my breakfast. Get it? Wolfing down! Oh, I'm so funny!

Anyways, it was the next morning and guess who I shared a room with. Sophia. Yep, instead of having my own room, with only one bed, with lots of pillows of course, my own T.V and my own bathroom, finally, I walked straight into the room my dad had told me to, and boy were there a lot of rooms, to see her stuff already packed away into the wardrobes. Yep, I still remember the arguments we had.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I shrieked.

"We're sharing, duh!" She replied, a cocky smile on those ugly lips of hers.

"No we're not. Go and find some guy to share a room with, or go and share with Elena!" I screamed back, trying to stuff all her things back into her bag.

"No, get off!" She shrieked.

Flashback over//

Ah, that carried on for a while until m- our dad came in. He shouted at us, Sophia fake cried, he was on her side, he shouted at me, Sophia took up all of the space, I had to shower using our neighbour's bathroom. And now, I'm ignoring my dad until he apologises. I know, very mature.

"Yes, and you're from Darkmoon, aren't you?" One of the girls asked, a disgusted look on her face. I rolled my eyes, I should've sat down next to those kids! At least they were colouring on paper instead of their faces!

Wait a moment. Why were a bunch of kids awake earlier than most of the people in here? Meh, they were probably going playing.

"Yep. Shit, sorry." I laughed when I accidentally spat some of my food out, onto a girl's face.

"We have to go now." They smiled at me, obviously a fake one, and literally ran away.

Meh, I shrugged my shoulders before carrying on, stuffing my face with eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes. Oh, yeah, I was in the dining hall. A big, big, big hall full of tables. And others werewolves of course.

Anyways, I was gonna go exploring! I couldn't be bothered to wait for Liam and Austin, they were probably still in bed. It is 5am.

Usually I would still be asleep, but damn was Sophia loud! She was in the shower for a long time, and then she was blow-drying her hair, and then she was talking to Elena for 2 hours. On the fucking phone! I mean, come on! You could just talk in person! Away from our room.

She went to bed at 2, all in her pink nightgown and sleeping mask. I was just falling asleep, when I heard drunk people laughing, and if you've never heard or seen a drunk person, they're loud. Curse my super-hearing! Anyways, I basically didn't go to sleep at all. I would've just stayed in bed, but then I smelt bacon. That got me up and running!

"Phew!" I breathed out, placing my hands on my full stomach. I'm lucky I do a lot of training, or else I'd be huge! Which is abnormal for a werewolf.

I mean seriously! Every werewolf I've met has had good faces and bodies, it was the humans who were all meh, but in my opinion, everyone was perfect like they are. In their own way.

Anyways, I'll just check 'amazing breakfast' off my list and now go exploring. I'm kidding, I don't have a list. Haha.

"Duh duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh, duh, ra duh duh duh duh duh, doo doo doo." I hummed as I walked along the empty corridors. What was that tune?

I smiled an evil smile when I saw a sign on a big, wooden door. A sign that said 'West Wing, forbidden to commoners'. Damn, this was like beauty and the beast!

To be honest, the only word I was reading was FORBIDDEN. I was also hearing a guard's voice, "Everyone stay away from the West Wings and you'll be safe." Well, well, well, seems like this morning keeps getting better and better. Cue evil laugh, mwahaha!

I looked behind me, saw no one there, to my sides, no one there either. And I pulled the door open. Guess what, it didn't budge. I kept on pulling, damn, how heavy was this door.

Wait a moment, this is what always happens in movies, it's not pull, it's push. And that's when I stopped pulling and instead, starting pushing. Still didn't budge.

Wait, again! I pulled a bobby pin from my pocket, hey I had all kinds of crazy shit hidden in there, and started twisting. I knelt down, putting my whole weight on the door, which by the way, still didn't move.

Just as I was gonna give up, I heard a turn of the key, and before I could move, the door opened, making me fall straight onto the floor at someone's feet.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" Damn, this guy was hot. Shame, he had me pinned onto the floor, oh well, I could still feel his muscles.

"Dude, you're the one on top of me, who are you?" I asked, not even bothering to fight back. I was admiring though.

"Well darling, I'm Cayden. Prince Cayden. Your turn love!" He said.

Three things registered into my head, 1) a hot prince was straddling me, 2) was he British? And 3) the tune I was humming was from Octonauts.

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