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I took a quick shower before rushing to the closet. I had to find the perfect dress but somehow none of the designer clothes in my closet seemed appropriate. I realized that I was too excited for this to be normal but that analysis could wait for now. I went through dress after dress until finally settling for a lilac sleeveless dress. It was cinched at the waist and launched into a poofy skirt which came just above my knees. It had a sweetheart neckline so allowed me to wear my favourite necklace. I slipped on some strappy heels and ran a brush through my hair. I didn't want to overdo it so after running a hand through my hair, I quickly applied some peach-flavoured lip gloss and mascara. I grabbed my bag and shawl from the bed and rushed downstairs.

Zach was on the phone when I got down but he quickly shut his phone off when he saw me. I smiled at him and blushed when I realized that he was checking me out. I averted my gaze and let him continue. It was the first time I'd made an attempt to dress nicely, otherwise around him I was always in jeans and baggy sweaters. He too for a change wasn't wearing a suit but casual jeans and a crisp blue shirt which went really well with his eyes. I tried not to stare but failed miserably. We stood in the middle of the living room awkwardly, waiting for someone to break the silence. The staff was watching us curiously as if waiting for one of us to throw a tantrum. I bet they were surprised when Zach said what he did.

"You look beautiful." He smiled and I knew the traitorous red tinge was beginning to colour my cheeks again.

I muttered a feeble thank you and allowed him to lead me outside. He told me to wait at the porch and I was surprised to not see the usual limo waiting for us. Instead, Zach jogged up to the side of the house and I heard the rev of an engine some moments later. My mouth fell open as he came into view, driving what could be nothing but a Lamborghini Murcielago. Oh wow.

He stopped the car in front of me and the car door lifted up. I gingerly took my seat, appreciating the interior. I'd never been a car person myself and had always preferred my bike to dad's expensive car collection but even I knew a beauty when I saw one.

"You like it?" Zach asked me, smirking slightly.

Right, of course I was making a total idiot of myself staring at his car like that. I needed to act more grown-up, more mature. Now how would a mature person respond to the question?

"The's very smooth," I said after a while and Zach laughed loudly as he drove out of the house.

Jerk, I thought to myself as I crossed my arms in front of me.

He kept laughing until we pulled up in front of a dainty looking café in Brooklyn. I immediately started panicking; I knew way too many people in this area to not experience another incident like the one at the airport. I opened my mouth to say something but Zach was already out of the car. He was coming to my side and my brain refused to think. Say something Ari! I thought to myself but I was coming up blank.

"Why did we come here Zach?" I asked him innocently as he led us to the café. I cautiously checked the area, knowing I was being paranoid.

"This place has the best coffee in the city, trust me."

I nodded as we entered the homely looking café with its baby blue walls and mouth-watering smell. I was surprised why I hadn't been to the place before since I had spent most of my time here with Noah. We were seated by a friendly lady whose hair had whitened completely.  I allowed the smell of warm chocolate to soothe me as I finally stopped looking outside the windows for someone familiar.

We were just going through the menu when Zach's phone buzzed. It wouldn't stop ringing so he shot me an apologetic smile and left the café to receive the call. I signaled for him to leave and busied myself with going through the list of all the amazing breakfast options. I was absolutely starving.

I didn't hear the bell tinkle when the door to the café opened. I didn't hear a man approach the counter and in his baritone voice order a double chocolate mocha. I didn't hear his cup drop to the floor moments later but what I did hear was a voice say my name and that voice sent shocking fear all through my body.

"Ari," he breathed and I whipped my head around to convince myself that I was delusional.

I wasn't dreaming. He was standing there looking exactly as I'd left him. He wore a shirt a size too big for him; his jeans were faded not because they had been styled that way but because of the number of times they'd been washed. His brown messy hair somewhat obscured his blue-grey eyes. But it was in those very eyes that I noticed a change. They weren't light and shining as they once had been. His face looked tired and there were bags under his eyes. There was light stubble on his face, something he detested. Right now his face was a mask of shock and I knew it mirrored my expression.

Noah. There he was, the love of my life standing a few feet from me and I couldn't just go and run into his arms. With shaking legs I got up and started walking towards him and he did the same. The café was room-sized so we were within a two-feet distance in a matter of minutes. Noah stood in front of me, looking like he'd seen a ghost. I drank in his face, a pang of longing alerting me how much I'd missed him.

"It's really you?" he whispered as he gently touched my face. I closed my eyes and relished his touch. Every inch his fingers travelled sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout my body.  The tone of disbelief was so heartbreaking and full of love that I nearly broke down there and then.

I should've thought more, I should've weighed the pros and cons. I should've realized the consequences of my actions but I didn't. I threw my arms around him and buried my face in his chest. His arms automatically went around me, pulling me to him tightly as he lowered his face into my hair, breathing me in like he usually did.

I didn't know when the tears started coming out but before I knew it I was sobbing into his chest, crying like I had never cried before. They were tears of joy, of grief, of loss and of love. I cried as Noah ran his hands over my back soothingly.

"Shh Ari, everything's going to be okay. I'm here now," he said and I nodded, believing him. I didn't want to let him go, not ever. I was aware that people were watching us and my cheeks burned in embarrassment. Noah only had to look once before understanding what I was thinking. He led us outside, arms still wrapped around me and I still hadn't loosened my hold on him.

When the cold air hit my body I began to think more clearly. I lifted my head from Noah's chest and wiped away the tears that blurred my vision. I looked all around for the car that I knew would stand out in its surroundings. It wasn't here, he wasn't here.

My mind whirled as I started to comprehend the situation I was in. Had Zach planned this all along? Would that explain his absence? Had he set up Noah and me?

As much as I wanted to figure out my husband's actions I had a much more important issue to deal with. I looked at Noah who was looking at me worriedly; was it finally time to tell him the truth?

"Ari, do you want me to take you home?" he asked and I knew which home he meant.  He'd never let me out of his sight until he knew what had happened a month ago.

"Yes," I sighed as he grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers. Zach wanted me to do this, I told myself; I'm doing nothing wrong, I repeated, this was necessary. But a voice at the back of my mind was saying something else entirely.

You want him to take you back, Ari.


There you go ladies and gentleman, Noah is in the house! :D

So Team Zach or Team Noah? Oh and do you think Zach did this on purpose? :O 

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