Chapter 9

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I looked around bored, my eyes squinting in the pouring rain. It was so unfair, it had started raining about 5 minutes ago, just when we were called up. And that was our disadvantage as rain his scents quite well, and from what I've seen, this David guy was harsh.

I saw the Royal Pack sitting on our right, I caught Xavier and Cayden's eyes and I gave them a quick smile. I made eye contact with Dakota but I blushed and quickly looked away, literally feeling his smug smirk.

"Why do we have to impress him? I know we're good and that's all." Liam said in my ear, both of us laughing quietly. Well apparently not quiet enough.

"And what is so funny?" He ordered, stepping forwards until he was in front of us.

"Nothing sir." I said politely, hiding my smirk.

"Well you were laughing, there's obviously a reason." David said, his spit flying on my face.

"Well, we know we're good. We're all good and fighting and whatever, and dude, you're spitting." Liam said, his voice cold and mocking whilst wiping away the spit on his face.

I didn't even bother to hold in my laugh.

"Oh, so you think you're all that." David said, his face turning red and his eyes darkening.

"No, I think we are 'all that'." I answered, crossing my arms as David glared at us. "I think we could probably do anything you give to is times a hundred!"

"Very well then. Everyone take a blindfold and cover their eyes. You're all gonna fight me, blind." David said, his eyes cold and his mouth turned up in a smirk. He walked back to the front, holding out a box. "Everyone take one and pass the box along. Let's see how good you guys are."

"You both really need to learn how to keep your mouths shut!" Austin hissed at us, his eyes showing anger and annoyance.

"Look who's talking!" Liam said back. "Usually you're up for a challenge, what's up with you now? Don't tell me you're pregnant!"

"No, I'm not a girl! I still have a bit of a hangover, and my legs and back are aching, because of you too!" Austin whined.

"Oh my god! You guys are so gross! I told you to keep your sex life private from me!" I said, pouting like a child yet still laughing.

"Okay, how about tough guy and tough girl can go last and sees how strong I am. Maybe they'll get knocked down a peg." David said, amusement covering his voice.

"Well, we'll just see." I said back, giving him a smirk.


"Just tell him, you don't wanna do it." Dakota told me, anger in his voice.

"No. I'm gonna do it and beat him." I told him, shaking my head.

"Well if he hurts you, he'd have to deal with me!" He said angrily.

"My hero." I said, half playfully and half seriously.

I tiptoed and leant up to kiss him, not being able to reach him as I was too short. I squealed in surprise when he lifted me up to press a quick kiss to my lips before putting me down once again.

No point hiding that we were mates, that Maria bitch already told her friends who told their friends and it soon spread.

I gave him a quick smile and opened my mouth to speak but my dad beat me to it." I hope you beat that jackass." He said, his hands in his pockets.

I gave a quick laugh, pulling him into a hug. I can't stay angry with my dad for long, especially with no reason!

"Don't worry, I will." I told him, just as my name was called out by David. "Well here I go, wish me luck!" I said.

"You don't need luck darling." He said back, right as I ran to the fighting area, passing Liam who gave me a look that said I had better beat David. No one else had, and Liam was right after me.


"Ready... set.... Go!" I heard a voice yell out, right as a kick landed straight into my stomach, making me land in my knees.

I felt a kick on my ribs, hearing a crack, but I relied on my werewolf side to heal it, instead, I just relaxed my body and focused on the scents around me.

I smelt my family, my friends and Dakota quite far away, but then I smelt beer and paper right on my right. I rose my hand to block whatever, just as a fist landed to punch me. I grabbed onto the fist, flipping the body over and getting up.

Suddenly, I felt my vision power coming through, flashing through the blindfold and through the trees surrounding us. I saw about 20 rogue wolves stalking over to this direction.

I quickly mind linked Liam, 'There's about 20 rogues by the west side, get over there."

I ripped the blindfold off of me, shifting into my wolf, just as David opened his mouth to speak.

I heard the gasps echo around the fields, from the Royals and from other packs, probably from the looks of my wolf. I was big, big like an alpha and black, showing strength and power; my eyes were white, completely, which was weird as eyes usually stayed the same colour. The most unusual thing about me were the 2 white rings around my neck.

I ignored all the people, running towards the west side, not even stopping to wait for Liam, but I knew he had probably told the others.

I used my vision to see that the Royal guards were also running towards where I was heading. Good, the rogues will never get away now.

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