Chapter 10

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Dakota's POV:
I stood shocked, as well as most of the other pack members.

I remember the witch's words from when she placed the curse on me, 'Black and white and White and black will join together and unite.' Alessandra's wolf was pitch black with white rings, my wolf was white with black parts.

I didn't stop to think when I leapt over the stairs and onto the ground, shifting into my wolf form and chasing after my mate.

Those two boys that she hung around had already run after her, but I was the one who wanted to get to her first. Why did she even run away?

I remember just watching her go and line up before David in her training clothes. Those short shorts showing her long legs and the sports bra she wore showing her toned stomach. I knew people were looking at her, more like ogling at her, but I ignored them, which was kinda hard, but then I remembered that I was the one who was mates with her. I was the one who kissed her and I will be the kissing her until the end. 

Wow, when did I get all protective and sappy?

Anyways, back to the matter in hand, I smelt her scent going to the West, right as I smelt the scent of a lot of strangers. Rogues. I snarled and ran faster, I was going to protect my mate and nothing was going to stop me!

I got to a clearing, ducking down right as a rogue was thrown towards me. I bit down on its shoulder so he wouldn't get up, and quickly ripped at his neck, killing him instantly.

I looked up to see my beautiful black wolf fighting three at the same time, the two other guys fighting one each. I saw the guards also fighting, killing the rogues instantly. Now there were only a few left.

I leapt on one, killing it instantly by biting into his neck. I was about to leap onto the one bleeding on the ground but Alessandra moved forward, blocking it protectively with her body. What the fuck was she doing!

I growled at her angrily, snarling my teeth at her, but she stood her ground, shaking her head at me defiantly. I grumbled out but pressed my nose into hers, moving it downwards to snuggle into her neck. She was okay, and that was all that mattered.

I watched as the guards shifted back, yanking clothes out of the tree hole thingies, we always kept them there. They threw some at the guys, Louis and Alex I think?

I watched as they shifted, naked as the day they were born, and quickly blocked them from Alessandra's view, the only naked body she'd see is mine!

"Oh yeah, here Alice." The Louis guy said, taking of his top and placing it in front of the black wolf, backing away when I growled at him.

I watched as Alex stood above the small rogue wolf, "Shift now." His voice firm and strong like an alpha. Oh yeah, he was the alpha. Eh, I'm a prince.

The rogue shifted, his body pale and bleeding. I was shocked when I looked at his face, he couldn't have been more than 16!

I saw Alessandra nod her head at Alex before he picked the boy up. "Where's your cells?"

"Come, we'll show you the way." One of the guards said, another helping with the rogue." My prince, here are your clothes." He said, bowing his head at me and putting a shirt and a pair of boxers on the floor by me.

As soon as they were all out of sight, I turned to the black wolf, gesturing my head to her clothes. She shook her head, gesturing for me to turn away. I growled but obliged, I was going to see her naked body sooner or later anyways.

"You can look now." I heard a soft voice say.

I turned around, glaring at the shirt she was wearing, it had that guy's scent all over it.She was my mate not his!

I watched as she smirked when my wolf eyes trailed down her legs, lust filling my eyes.

Well if she was going to tease me, I can tease her too. And then I shifted back, right into my naked human form.

Now it was my turn to smirk when she stared at me.


"I should've killed the guy who did this to you!" I growled out, wrapping a bandage around her lower thigh. I ignored the warmth from her body and tried hard not to rip of her shirt and just ravage her.

We were back in her room, and we were seated on her bed, her leg in my hands. As soon as I had saw the scar on her leg, I had rushed her here, wiping it.

"Calm down, it'll be all gone by tomorrow." She said, rolling her eyes and pulling her leg out of my grasp, making sure not to reveal anything above the bandage.

I looked at her as she sat innocently, still in that ugly shirt, smelling like that guy.

"Why don't you change?" I asked her, glaring at her smirk. She knew that I hated her wearing other males stuff.

"Why are you jealous?" She smirked and moved closer until she was in my lap, her arms wrapped around my neck, my arms snaking around her back. "You know you're the only one I want, the only one who will see my naked body."

I growled as she bit into my neck lightly and whispered those words. As soon as I felt her hands run up my chest, I lost complete control.

I growled loudly, pushing her onto her back and kissing her roughly. I pulled back to take a look at her, her puffy lips and dark eyes, and I reached down and ripped her shirt.

I heard her gasp, her hands moving up to cover herself but I caught them. I looked down at her naked body, feeling myself harden.

"You're so beautiful." I whispered, smiling softly when she blushed. What happened to that confident girl from just a minute ago?

I chuckled darkly before I leant down to her chest, this was gonna be fun.

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