Another day of pain

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Sonic awoke in the morning to an intense pain in his stomach. He had an accident in his diaper as well. Sonic wanted to cry and let his parents know that he needed them but he didn't out of fear of being harmed again. Sonic silently began to cry. Only a day old and he knew of intense pain and suffering. He wished for a real mom and dad now. He had a craving for a feeling he had only felt for a short time and that was love. For the very first hours of his life he was taken care of properly. Then that all changed.

Eventually Cecelia came down to see the poor baby hedgehog had a horrible night. She looked down and gave a pitiful look. "You little brat... I guess its time to feed you..." Sonic felt two arms wrap around him and pick him up. His ears were slightly unsealed and he could slightly hear what she was saying. She carried him up into a higher area. He felt a blast of nice cool air.

Cecelia put him on a hard surface and got him half a bottle of cold milk. He hungrily drank the the milk. Until some of the pain was gone. He was still eating when the bottle was yanked out of his mouth. Sonic gave out a slight whine trying to tell them he was still hungry. They only laughed at his sad whines. "Oh Cecelia I love treating this brat so awfully! I feel happy for a change!" Cecelia hugged her husband.

Baby sonic was then later on the hard floor. "Take a nap brat!" Sonic wanted to cry so badly but after last time he knew it would only result in more pain. Sonic cried silently again so hopefully they wouldn't hurt him. He cried him self too sleep again.

Just then he was awoken by a loud noise. "Wake up brat!" Someone basically screamed at him. Sonic being a baby was frightened by this loud noise. Sonic was so scared he began flail his arms around and he cried very loudly. "Uh, that made him even more annoying!" Sonic tried to resist being picked up but he was too weak.
"Stupid brat! Shut up!"'Cecelia yelled. Sonic continued. " Alexander help me shut him up!" Alexander came over and took the screaming baby and slapped him. Sonic continued and got louder. Just then a loud knock is heard at the door. They open the door to see a police officer. "Excuse me but I've just come to investigate a loud screaming sound reported by your neighbors."

Cecelia explained that it was just their new son. She did leave out all the abuse. Sonic was crying and screaming so loudly that the police became suspicious. He noticed Sonic's swollen cheek. He picked up sonic and looked at him. "This child doesn't seem to have proper care..." Cecelia then stood up and got angry. "What do you mean my baby boy doesn't have proper care! Some people just think they can waltz in and talk awful about someone's parenting! Those people don't have the right and neither do you officer!" The officer stood up embarrassed.  "OK I apologize ma'am. Just show me the baby's room or place where he sleeps and I'll go." Cecelia then froze. "Uh actually the babies room isn't ready yet! It's under some construction and-"  The officer nodded. "Fine! But as soon as that room is finished you call me. I wanna see it for myself." The officer then left.

Cecelia looked down at sonic who hadn't even calmed down. "That does it! Its punishment time brat!" She then picked up sonic and pulled down his diaper. She then slapped him very hard on his butt. Sonic screamed and cried with pain. She slapped him again and his crying grew louder. She slapped him again. Again. Again. Again. She slapped him until his crying stopped. She spanked him until he passed out from the pain.  Sonic barely breathing was taken into the kitchen and was laid on the table. Cecelia then filled a bottle with fiber and other stuff.  She then fed the entire thing to sonic. Soon sonic smell smelled terrible  and weighed ten pounds heavier.

She then laid sonic in the basement and shut the door. "Goodnight brat!" She smiled and went to bed.

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