Chapter 10: In Which I Slip Past

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Sometimes, I think of the Sun and Moon as lovers who rarely meet,

always chase, and almost always miss one another. 

But once in a while, 

they do catch up, 

and they kiss,

and the world stares in awe of their eclipse. 

I couldn't understand why this was happening to me

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I couldn't understand why this was happening to me. 

No, more like HOW this was happening to me. 

Did these people forget that I'm just an omega? 

I had tried not to let my rank in the pack put me down before, tried to keep up my mantra in my head of being brave to Be the sun, but there was always this thread of doubt, this knowledge of the darkness that I knew that was inside me- that lead me to be what I am today- an omega. 

Most people did not look down on us openly like in the old days. I heard stories of those times from the elder omega's-  saw the scars on their backs from the lashings they had received or the twitches in their eyes that would never go away, caused by the unholy suffering they went through. 

The King had changed that. 

Or the omega's told me, Queen Isadora had changed that. 

It's why I had admired her so much as a child and even more when I was demoted to an omega. 

But I couldn't understand that single question that kept running through my head, 'Why Me?'

Why would Mr. Joseph choose me to be honored? Why would I feel just an easy attachment and love for the new Queen? Why was she trying so hard for me, to make the Ceremony a magical night?

I couldn't understand it. In my mind, I could be honored all I wanted to be, but I was still, just an omega. 

The sigh that escaped my lips was loud as I walked down the hallways towards my destination- The Queens Hallway.

She had asked me to come by and pick up my blue tooth ear clip, along with the final words of, "I'll need to tell you what time and where to be so we can get you ready tomorrow." 

A passing butler had pointed out the way to me as I walked to the royal side of the palace- the side where the King, Queen, and Prince resided and walked through. 

Lizzy had squealed with delight when I came from my dream fitting. 

"Tell me everything!" She shouted.

So while we peeled potatoes that an angry LeFair had assigned to me, I told her every detail of what had happened. 

"I can't believe it!" She jumped up and down in her stool. "Of course Jane and I will help while you talk to us! Omy gosh Fayette this is a chance of a lifetime! You could see the Prince!" 

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