Chapter 48

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Ya Allah I couldn't believe my eyes, I saw Arhaan..after five long years. I only know that, how difficult it was to control tears that was threatening to fall. He looked in pain. And not to forget he has lost weight and the dark circles was very much evident in his eyes.

It took an immense strength to control myself after hearing his voice...and not to break down right then and there. I didn't missed to notice how hurt he was when I behaved as if I don't know him. When he was introducing him and was giving reasons all I wanted to do was to just go and hug him.

I want to know everything now...I want every answers to my questions from him now...yet I can't make myself weak again. I know he was shocked when he saw Shezan and Ashar entering the office. How he broke the glass, and acted it was by mistake.

But I couldn't help him. Why? Because he was never there for me when I got hurt? When I bled because of his violence. He had made me this and now he will only turn me weak again. I didn't knew that he still has his effects on me...and only his mere presence can break me.

I know for sure that something has happened with him in the last five years and whatever has happened has changed him for good. May be he getting married to Laiba did change him. If he is here, then she must be here also. Oh No!!! I , really don't wanna deal with her now...

"Mahira...come out of dream, youhooo.... Pick a boo!!" I was snapped out of my thoughts.


"What is wrong Mahira?? You're lost!!"

"No..I'm fine. Do you need anything before the movie starts?" I asked.

"Movie had already finished ten minutes back.." He said looking at me.

"Ohh.." All I could say was this.

"What is wrong Mahi? It's been three hours since we have arrived and you seem lost??" He asked.

"No..I'm perfectly fine."

"You know I can help you with anything"

"Ashar, I'm fine. Trust me. If I'll need your help. I'll let you know." I smiled.

"Only if you say so" he said and smiled.

"Mommy, Daddy...I'm sweepy" Shezan whined.

"Let's go" I said

After putting him to bed, I went to Ashar to tell him, I'm leaving.

"I'm leaving"

"Sure?" He smirked.

"Very much" I laughed.

"Okay...but you do know we have to host a party in three days"

"Yeah I remember, But on top of that it's Shezan's birthday." I smiled.

"Yes...that's why, he'll pick up the lucky name who'll get the deal"

"You do know you're an awesome dad" I said.

"And you do know that you're an awesome mommy" he smiled. "And an awesome partner, best friend" he said softly.

"Well, it doesn't work one way. Does it?" I spoke.

"No, it doesn't"

"Thank you, for everything Mahi"

"We're not gonna go through this again" I spoke.

"Only if you say"

"I have to leave"


"For who?"

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