Chapter 15

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A/N: This chapter is dedicated to WormWithGlasses for making a fan-art for this story.!! Thank you Aliza!!!❤️

Xavier's POV:

That fucking bastard! How dare he hug her?! And that too in front of me!! In front of my fucking eyes!! I don't know why but I felt like killing Aidan when he hugged her! Why can't I be the one to hug her? To take her in my arms? To kis- wait!! What am I saying?!

UGH!!! I am going crazy.

I felt like killing that Fucking Aussy guy who she loves! Could it be her boyfriend?

No! She can't have a boyfriend

'Why can't she have a boyfriend?' A voice in my head spoke.

'I-I don't know'

I was fucking pissed off after hearing her conversation with that son of a b*tch Austin dude and Aidan had to make it worse!

We reached her house when I saw Aidan sitting on the porch. We both left the car and Aidan hugged her. I couldn't control my anger so I punched the thing next to me which happened to be a car. A huge dent formed in my car.

I don't even know why I am angry. I just can't see her with anyone but me. It angers me. I have never felt this angry in my whole life.

I sat in my car and left her house. I was going in full speed. I know I crossed the speed limit but right now I couldn't care less. I know my father wouldn't let me go to jail just because I  crossed the speed limit.

Perks of having a billionaire father.

I couldn't go home because then I would have to face the wrath of my mom and trust me, you do not want to face the wrath of my mom. Ever.

I went to the first place that came into my mind. I haven't been there since 3 years. Last time was when I came here with her.

The girl I loved more than my life. The girl whom I would die for, the girl who left me and it was all my fault. I would never forgive myself for that. Everyone else might've forgiven me but I couldn't bring myself to forgive.

I was on the cliff top. It had breathtaking view especially now since it was time for sunset. Its so peaceful here. We both used to come here whenever we wanted to escape reality. She was the one who found this place when we were 13. She never told me how, and now i don't think she would ever be able to tell me that.

I just  couldn't get all these memories of her out of my head. Thats why I didn't come here for years. It reminds me go her. Everything here reminds me of the time we spent together; laughing, playing, enjoying.

I was just sitting there lost in my thoughts when I heard footsteps. I didn't need to turn around to know who it was

"Why are you here Aidan?" I asked

"I wanted to check up on you. I knew I'd find you here." Aidan said as he sat next to me

"You don't need  do that" I said

"But I am your best friend Xav. I am suppose to check up on you" he protested

"Why don't you go back to Ariana huh?!" I snapped

"I see what it is all about. Its all about Ariana isn't it? You're jealous"

'I am not f*ucking jealous Aidan" I snapped

"Just admit it Xav that you like her!" Aidan said.

"I'm not good for her Aidan! Cant you see that?! I'll ki-" before I could finish my sentence Aidan interrupted me

"That wasn't your fault! Why can't you f*cking see that?!" Aidan said with anger evident in his voice. He must be really angry because Aidan is not the one to curse. He only do that when angry.

I clenched my fists in anger and looked away.Everyone keeps telling me that it wasn't my fault when in reality it was. They just want me to not feel guilty. Her memories have been haunting me since that day. I cannot keep her out of my head. Even if i like Ari which i think i do, I am not good for her. I'll destroy her innocent soul with my dark past. She's fragile. She would leave me as soon as she knows what I've done in my past.

Aidan placed a hand on my shoulder "Look Xav it wasn't your fault. You didn't knew. Taking your anger out on things isn't good for you. You're just afraid of your feelings. You're afraid that your feelings will destroy you." Aidan spoke in a calm voice which was surprising because he was angry a few seconds ago "Sometimes its okay to let yourself feel something. Learn to embrace your feelings-"  he was cut off by his phone ringing.

He stood up "I have to go now. Mom's calling" with a final pat on my back, he left me alone with my thoughts.

Yes I have a crush on Ari but its a simple crush. Maybe because i haven't gotten laid for two weeks. I need to get laid soon or I'll definitely go crazy.

Not wanting to wait long and impatient to get Ariana out of my head i decided to text the first person in my mind; Emily. She might be clingy, annoying, and a snobby bitch but she's good in bed and that is what matters to me most.

"Get ready. Your House in 15mins" I texted Emily and stood up. It took me exactly 15 minutes to reach her house. I might regret it later but who cares. At least I'll have a good time


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