Chapter 13

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"When are you going to tell Dakota?" Austin asked, stepping over a fallen tree.

We were know in at the end of the Royal forest, nearly out of the Royal borders. We were looking for Levin, or at least trying to find him. Or anything to do with him.

The sad thing was that Dakota didn't even bother to come after me or apologise to me or Liam. And how dare he suspect my friends?!

"You kinda exaggerated a bit when you said we'd all be dead if he comes for us. Kinda a lie, he's not that dangerous. And you also lied when you told everyone that he attacked our pack, he more like rolled down a hill and landed in pack borders." Liam said, rolling his eyes when I just shrugged.

"If you were Levin where would you be!" Austin gritted out.

"No one knows where the fucker is! He just kidnaps you and brings you somewhere. He's one of those people where you just call their name out and they just come out of nowhere!" I told him.

"Why don't we just try that, oh smart one? Yeah, he'll just appear out of nowhere."Austin said sarcastically.

"Okay then. LEVIN!" I shouted out.

"See, he's n-." Austin stopped talking half way through his sentence, his mouth falling open and staring behind us.

"You called love?" Liam and I spun around at the sound of his voice. He was actually there!

"What the fuck are you doing here, fucking around with us?" I said, walking over to him and pushing him." You told us that you'd leave us alone!"

"Well first of all, I'm on your side, so thank you very much for killing some of my men, and second, no hug?" He asked, holding his arms out for us.

I rolled my eyes but gave him a quick hug, stepping back so Austin and Liam could also hug him.

"How've you been man?" Austin asked, giving him a huge smile.

"I've been okay, but you know that I only appear when something bad is happening or is going to happen. And by the way, why the fuck did you lie and say that I kidnapped you guys! And attacked your pack! You do know that I was one of the people kidnapped with you guys! Yeah!" He said, frowning at us.

"Sorry, but that stupid Bobby got it wrong. You're the L who works for Victor, not the other way around." Liam pointed out.

"I can be a leader!" Levin said, trying to defend himself.

"Yeah, but right now everyone thinks you're the bad guy, but you're actually the guy who comes when bad things happen." I explained, smirking at the meaning.

"So you're saying that I'm some kind of bad omen." Levin asked, crossing his arms.

"Yeah, but you're like the black dog from Harry Potter. Basically Sirius Black, people think that you're bad luck and a bad person, but you just have a dog personality." I told him.

"Sirius Black lost his best friends, was hated by his family and died within of two years of finally finding happiness." He said plainly.

"Yeah, but when you do die, you go to heaven and find your happiness and best friends." I told him, trying to find a happiness in the life of Sirius Black.

"Can we stop talking about Harry Potter and speak about what Levin is doing here?" Austin said.

"Okay, Victor is planning on attacking the castle. Something to do with Prince Dakota and him finally finding his mate." Levin said, turning to me with a sorrowful expression, "Congratulations on finding your mate."

I slapped him hard.

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