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"Hey, Sleeping Beauty. Wake up, we're here." Jack slightly shook my thigh.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see the city lights "Jack, we're here." I announced

"Yep, and we gotta hurry up, the valet guy is here to take the car."

"Ooohh, fancy." I said while unbuckling my seatbelt.

After two days of getting lost and sleeping in cheap hotels in the middle of the Midwest, we finally made it. It was a nice trip but I was ready to get off of the road.

We both got out of the car and got our bags then walked inside.

"Jack, what time is it?" I asked

"Around like 8:00," He said

"I can't wait to go to bed." He said while rubbing his eyes

"Same, I'm so tired." I swung my backpack over my shoulder

"You slept for about two days. I should be the tired one." He laughed

"And I'm still tired." I said.

We headed inside and the lobby was amazing "Woah, Jack, are you sure we're at the right place?" I asked

"Yep. This is it." He chuckled

"You didn't have to do all of this. I was just a little sad that day."

"I know," he smiled down at me warmly "I just wanted to take you on this trip to get your mind off of everything though," The person behind the desk handed Jack the room keys and he headed towards the elevator. I followed after him and we headed up to the room.

"I wonder if it has a good view." I looked up at him

"You'll have to find out." He shrugged.

I waited in anticipation as we were on the elevator. I wanted to see what room we were staying in.

We got out of the elevator and I followed Jack to the room.

"I think you're gonna love it." He said while unlocking the door.

We both walked in and it was pretty nice, but nothing special.

I went to the big curtain in the back of the room and tried to open it, but it was stuck or something "I think it opens with some kind of remote or something," He said while dropping his stuff down on the floor and sitting on the edge of the bed, then kicked off his shoes.

"We can ask them how to use it in the morning," He said while laying down "But for now, I'm going to bed." He yawned.

"I'm gonna go take a shower real quick. I haven't taken one all day." "Yeah, I could tell." He chuckled. I playfully rolled my eyes and grabbed a pair of shorts along with a small t-shirt.


I came out of the bathroom, staring down at my phone, with my dirty clothes in my hand. I looked up and all I saw were city lights.

I looked over at the bed and saw Jack who was peacefully sleeping

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I looked over at the bed and saw Jack who was peacefully sleeping. I guess he figured out his to open the curtains.

I walked over to the window and admired every single building and its unique design, shape, and size.

I sat down and crossed my legs I front of the window, still looking down at the beautiful city. I could tell that this trip was going to be great.


Writer's block came outta nowhere and hit me like a truck, but I will try my very best to update

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