Chapter 16

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"Where have you been? Fucking other guys behind my brother's back?" I turned around at the sound of Robyn.

"I really don't have time for your crap, and it's more like your brother to fuck other girls." I said bitterly, watching as genuine sympathy went through her eyes.

"I'm sorry about that, I really am. I just heard about it when Maria told me, you apparently pushed Dakota into a wall." Robyn said, laughing bitterly.

Ha, Maria didn't see what I did, but I knew that Dakota definitely realised.

"Well he did deserve it, should've pushed Maria too."

"Yeah, you should've." Robyn echoed, a sad smile in her lips.

"What's wrong? It seems like you hate Maria too. Why do you hang around with her?"

"Believe it or not, but I actually used to be quite fat and Maria hated me. I finally slimmed down a few years back, and suddenly I was her best friend again. And plus, she's really cool and have me makeup tips. Well, she was really cool." Robyn said.

"Wow. I'm sure you'll look even nicer when you ditch that bitch and stop wearing so much makeup." I told her, laughing.

"Yeah." She said, laughing along with me but still showing sadness in her eyes.

"I sense that there's another reason for your bitterness and sadness." I rose an eyebrow.

"It's Xavier. You don't know this, but we're mates. And I kept on rejecting him, not properly, but I did keep ignoring him, going out with other guys. And now he's with Clara, a stupid servant." She spat out.

"Easy now, Clara's my friend. And actually, Xavier's in love with you. I shouldn't be telling you this, but Clara is Cayden's mate and Xavier is only 'dating' her to make you jealous. Hopefully, it'll also put some sense into your brother too." I told her.

"Really!" Robyn asked, tears of happiness in her eyes.

"Yeah." I told her, giving her a big smile even though my love life was messed up." What are you still doing here? Go and get your man!" I told her, pushing her up the corridor.

"That would've been amazing, only if you pushed me that way." Robyn said, chuckling and pointing the opposite way I had been pushing her. "You know, you're not that bad."

"Thanks, either are you." I told her, watching as she walked away.

"Go and get my brother, it wasn't what it seemed like!" She shouted back, turning around for a brief second.

"Thanks! Don't tell Xavier or Cayden it was me who told you their scheme!" I shouted back.

Okay, now time to get my man. Oh wait, I still have to go to the Royal library to search for powers. Oh well, Dakota can wait, I'm still slightly mad at him.

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