{chapter 32}

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"Fuck!" I cursed out loud when Mia hung up.

I stepped on gas, swerving around other cars getting numerous honks and yells.

I even went as far as running a red light.

My driving skills were rather good, from time I've spent in the force so I trusted myself not to wreck.

Lights flashed in the distance as I I finally made it down our street and I could already see Mia on a stretcher in the distance.


"I-i am fine!" I yelled at the paramedics as they forced me into the ambulance.

"Miss, your shivering extremely hard, your stuttering, and your pupils are wide. You are in shock." He said slowly to me.

Tears well up in my eyes as I realized what just happened. I was stalked. I was followed home. I was robbed, and their intentions weren't to just take stuff and leave.


I sat in the closet still, my finger still resting on the trigger and my eyes closed, listening as hard as I could.

"She's here somewhere, we heard he voice when we first got here." I heard one voice say.

I held in a whimper as I heard footsteps coming closer.

"We haven't heard anything, maybe she left?" Another voice replied.

"Don't be stupid, were on a second story apartment where could she of gone? We need to find her, the ring she was wearing ought to be about enough to get a small amount for all of to smoke." The original voice stated making all the other ones chuckle.

More footsteps came towards my closet and I could see brown, muddy boots through the crack on the bottom.

He tried the Handel but it was obviously locked.

"I think I found our missing girlll." One of the men sang.

"Come on out pretty, it'll make things much easier on the all of us." The lead man spoke through the door.

At this point my eyes were huge and my heart was hammering so hard it was becoming painful and my hands were squeezed so tight around the gun they were cramping.

"Alright. Then I'm forced to take the hard way out." He said and then it went silent , until a large crack appeared in the door from someone kicking it.

Where the fuck were the police.

Another kick  came and split the door even more and a third kick finally did it, making it fly off of the hinges.

I screamed and without thinking squeezed the trigger while closing my eyes.

The bang was loud and my ears began to ring shortly after.

My eyes shot open to see I narrowly missed the man and the bullet hole was next to his head, but in the wall.

He grunted in anger before attempting to dive in me and rip the gun from my hands.

I screamed even louder as he was on top of my trying to take it.

"Leave me alone!" I screamed.

"Come help me!" The man yelled at his two accomplices.

MY screams got louder as I seen the other two approach, and that's when I think pure Adrenalin began pumping through my veins.

Fight or die trying.

I kicked my feet as hard as I could, getting them away from me as I scrambled and snatched the gun off the floor pointing it once again.

I squeezed the trigger again , making another huge bang erupt through the apartment.

Almost at the extract same time the front door was pushed down and the PD swarmed the room.

I looked as two of the men were tackled and one was receiving medical attention since my bullet went through his thigh.

The gun was snatched out my shaky hands and I looked up to see none other but Roger.

"Don't worry. I got you." He whispered , lifting me up off the ground and carrying me bridal style out of the room.

MY shaking began to increase and it was getting more and more difficult for him to hold me and he was pretty probably happy to be able to set me down on a stretcher.

Flashback end.

I still attempted to sit up but they refused to let me, making me feel even more frustrated  since my emotions were literally everywhere.

"Amelia!" I heard a familiar voice shout and I turned to see Nix , showing his badge to other offers and pushing through.

I officially lost it in that moment and broke down in sobs reaching my arms out to him.

He rushed towards me and the EMTs let him get into the back with me.

He took one of my outstretched arms and kissed my hand softly, and I then noticed the tears in his eyes.

"I-I am sorry I wasn't there to protect you." He said, a few tears escaping his eyes.

His words only made me sob even harder, causing an EMT to put something in my iv, that made my eyes very heavy and everything black.


I woke up to a hand grasping mine tightly , I expected it to be Nix but my eyes widened in shock when I seen it was my dad.

"Amelia , are you ok? I'm so sorry." Was all he repeated over and over again while resting his head in my hand.

I let my eyes close again, a bit confused as to why everyone kept apologizing, its not like it was their faults in any way.

"I-its ok. I'm ok." I said softly.

My head was slightly ringing and I was pretty sure I had a small concussion.

He continued to hold my hand , until my  mother also rushed in the room.

"My baby! You're awake. I love you so much Mia." She spoke with tears flowing freely , ruining her perfect mascara.

"Who called you guys?" I asked , sitting up a little.

"Phoenix" my dad answered.


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