New life.

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Sonic was only three weeks old. He was smart and young. He had just been adopted. Sonic still crying kissed Kayla's forehead one last time. "I'll miss you!" Sonic cried. "Sonic when you miss me just remember that even though i'm not there i'm still your friend." Kayla said. She then loaded him into the back of the car. The door was closed and they drove off.

Four weeks went by since his adoption. " Sonic what's wrong? You were crying." Sonic looked up his eyes filled with tears. "I miss Kayla!" Sonic's new mother Alexandria then nodded. "I don't blame you. She taught you so much and she rescued you when you just a few days old." Sonic nodded. "Upee!" He extended his arms so she'd pick him up. She then picked him up. He gave a slight sniffle. "I know, how about you write her a letter! She'll know how your doing!" Sonic smiled a little bit.

After the letter was written Sonic was put to bed. "Mommy why do I have to go night night?" Alexandria then said. "Because you need to sleep so your not sleepy. How will you play with all your toys when you can't stay awake?" Sonic yawned. "Night night mommy." "Goodnight little sonic." Then she kissed his head and went to bed.

The next morning sonic awoke to see his mommy walk in his room. It was really early. "Mommy?" She looked at sonic. "Sonic forgive me baby. I woke you up didn't I? Well I had a nightmare where I lost you and I couldn't relax until I knew you were fine." She then reached over and petted him. "Mommy? When will we visit Kayla?" Alexandria smiled. "Baby she can't have visitors at work! It's bad for business." Sonic then began to pout. "But I wanna see her!" Alexandria then shook her head. "Sonic, we have to wait awhile! She has to work." Sonic began to tear up. "Mommy I wanna see her! I wanna see her!" He was now screaming and crying. Alexandria began to get mad. "Sonic! Calm down! SONIC! Sonic quiet down right now! Your alright." Sonic then looked up at his mom his eyes filled with tears. Alexandria knew sonic would only continue. She walked out and left sonic crying all alone.

Later that morning Alexandria walked in and heard it was quiet. All except a little blue hedgehog who was silently crying. "Mommy why did you weave me?" He asked in a heart broken tone. "Sonic you weren't listening. You need to relax a little." Sonic still crying asked his mother to rub his belly. Soon he stopped crying and was squealing with delight.

At the adoption center Kayla was typing in something. "Alright! That's done! Now this little guy can be adopted!" She then went to check on him. "Miles? Miles? Miles!" Just then a little fox landed on her back. "Boo!" Kayla the grabbed him. "There you are! So now how old are you?" Miles thought for a moment. "Twee weeks." "Excellent! You've come along way!" She then petted miles.

Sonic was on his way to the adoption center to see Kayla. His mother had finally cracked and she was taking him. "Mommy! I can't wait to see Kayla! The little blue hedgehog squealed. Sonic's mom clutched her ears. Sonic's mother couldn't handle the squealing. But she was happy that her baby was excited. " Mommy? when will we see daddy again?"Sonic asked. "Um..." Alexandria did not know how to explain. Her husband had left her. It was just her and sonic. Just then they pulled into the adoption center. "OH BOY!" Had sonic not been in a car seat he would've jumped out. Sonic tried to undo the buckles but his hands were too weak. "Mommy come on! I want out!" Sonic was flailing his arms and legs around. "Calm down sonic!" Sonic began to yell.
"Mommy! Let me out right nnnnnnnoooooooowwwww! Sonic began to tear up. Just as he was about to cry he felt the buckles come undone and his mom was right next to him. " Upee!" He extended his arms for her to pick him up. She picked him up and together they went inside.

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