Cookie's Office || Cookie & Lucious

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It's been a while, sorry for that! I'm also gonna post another one tomorrow about the boys again.


"What the hell is this?" Cookie Lyon mumbled to herself as she walked through the brightly lit hallways towards her office door. The door was covered in 'Do not Enter' tape and an 'Under Construction' sign that was hand written in Lucious's hand writing. Handwriting that she would recognize anywhere. Of course Lucious did this, no one else would have the balls to mess with Cookie this early in the morning. Ten in the morning to be exact. She would have been at work earlier if it weren't for the fact that she had woke up late, spilled coffee all over her brand new outfit and got stuck in two hour traffic. This was definitely not her morning and since Lucious decided to try her, it wasn't going to be his morning either.

Cookie strutted her way from her closed off office, straight to Lucious's office. She expected to find him at his desk, smirking to himself, probably proud of how he managed to twist her mood up once again like he had been able to successfully do over the many years she had known him. Cookie hated how that was the one thing he had over her.

Instead of seeing Lucious at his desk, she saw her assistant, Porsha Taylor. Porsha was sitting in Lucious's desk chair answering a fake phone call. She pretended to argue with someone's manager over a release date. But of course, when Cookie tried to call Porsha's actual phone earlier she didn't answer. This was why, she was too busy playing pretend.

Cookie swiftly pulled off one of her heels and threw it in Porsha's direction. She was aiming for her assistant's head, instead it landed on Lucious's desk, scaring the sense out of Porsha. She immediatley knew it belonged to Cookie and jumped out of the seat. "That could've hit me!"

"It should've hit you! Now get my shoe." She turned and walked out of the room with Porsha hurriedly following with her one black pump.

"You cranky."

"I got a reason to be."

"And you look a mess."

"Shut up Porsha!"

"I'm just letting you know! Where you rushing off to anyway?"

"I'm looking for Lucious."

"He's in the studio with Hakeem."

Cookie stopped in her tracks, causing Porsha to bump right into her. She turned around and snatched the shoe out of her hand. "Why didn't you say something earlier!" 

"I didn't know that's who you were looking for! I can't read your mind, Cookie!"

"Well figure out how to!" She slipped the heel back on and strutted all the way over to the studio area. Quickly finding the one occupied by Lucious and Hakeem. 

She ignored the "Do not open when red light is on" warning and busted through the door, interrupting the recording of Hakeem's newest upcoming single.

"Hey! Hey Hey!" Lucious stood up from his seat, throwing his hands up. "Cookie, what the hell do you want! We're making magic here!"

Cookie approached Lucious and slapped the back of his head. He let out a grunt of pain before backing away from her. "I need to get into my office! Go get all that mess off the door and let me in!"

"Oh," Lucious got back into his seat with a sly expression, "sorry Cook, can't do that."

"Excuse me?" She couldn't believe Lucious was testing her patience even more. 

"You heard me. I can not do that."

"And why the hell not?"

"That isn't your office anymore."

Cookie couldn't hold it in anymore. She pounced onto Lucious and started hitting him with soft blows. 

"Ma! Ma!" Hakeem ran out of the booth and pulled her away from Lucious. "Calm down!" He let out an exasperated breath. 

Cookie crossed her arms, trying her best not to attack her ex-husband. "He always getting on my damn nerves."

"You get on my nerves too, especially when you don't let me finish what I'm saying!"

Cookie narrowed her eyes at Lucious. "What are you talking about?"

"That isn't your office, Cookie. Not anymore. Remember when you said you deserved something better? Well now you got it. Your new office is right across the hall from mine and it's bigger and way better than that janitor's closet I had you in before."

Cookie's anger melted away. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. It was a rare thing for Lucious to listen to Cookie, much less do something nice for her.  "Lucious.."

"Don't say I never did anything for you." He instructed Hakeem to get back into the booth and start recording again. 

Cookie let out a breath of pride before bending down next to Lucious and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you." She muttered before exiting the room.

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