Chapter 19

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Our lips moved together hungrily, our hands moving up to each other's clothes and tugging on them. His lips moved down my neck, his hands caressing my sides whilst I moaned in pleasure.

He slammed me up into the wall, my legs automatically wrapping around his torso and squeezing him closer.

He groaned into my mouth when I moved my hips into his and I whimpered in reply when I felt his bulge.

We pulled away for a moment, enough time for him to pull my jumper off of me, still my tank top and bra left though. We carried on kissing, his hands travelling down to squeeze my ass.

Oh god, I wanted to rip his clothes off right now, but there was still something on my mind that I had to talk to Dakota about.

"Wait.... stop." I sighed, panting and stammering. I pushed his shoulders, looking into his dark eyes when he looked up at me.

"What?" He sounded annoyed, what was his problem?

"The fuck is wrong with you?" I said through gritted teeth, feeling annoyed with him for no reason.

"Nothing. What's the problem? You stopped." Dakota said, stepping back a few steps until we had lost all physical contact.

"Don't you wanna talk about me throwing you into the wall without even touching you?" I asked him, staring up at him.

"Maybe you're a witch." He said, laughing lightly. "I don't know, maybe you did push me but you don't remember because you were so upset!"

Obviously he found that funny, witches were extinct. Or they all just stopped going out. No one had actually met one, they've only heard of them and even if a werewolf needs some kind of spell or something, the witched usually come masked.

"Actually..... I think you're right."

Hey guys! Really, really sorry about the late update. Updates will come more quicker and usual now. What do you think about witches? And what do you all think about Alessandra and Dakota? Anyone think of any ship names? I'm thinking maybe Alesota, Dakandra? What do y'll think? Anyways, please keep COMMENTING&VOTING!!!!!  Thanks.

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