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I was sitting in our hotel room bed, eating my leftover pancakes from this morning and trying to unlock Mackenzie's phone. It's been bugging me, and I feel the need to unlock the phone. Plus, Jack was out getting us Canes so I had to occupy myself.

I heard someone fidgeting with the door for a couple of seconds before it opened. The smell of Canes chicken hit me and Jack walked into the room.

"So I see you broke out the pancakes." He smiled

"Yeah, I got hungry."

He sat the box of food down on the bed and started to open it up.

"What did you get?" I asked

"What you suggested." He opened up the box and there were four pieces of chicken, French fries, and bread

"Can I have some of the bread?" I asked while taking a bite of my pancake

"Sure." He chuckled while handing me the Texas toast.

He searched around the bag and let out a sigh "What?" I asked with a mouthful of bread.

"They forgot to give me a fork." He groaned

"You don't need a fork. You eat it with your hands. They're literally chicken strips."

"Why? That's too messy."

"Because that's how you eat it," I laughed.

He let out a groan and picked up the hot chicken with his fingers then immediately dropped it because of how hot it was "It's worth it, trust me. Eat some French fries first." I continued to try and unlock Mackenzie's phone and Jack just tried eating his food.

"Did you forget your phone password?" He asked

"No. I'm just trying to get into Mackenzie's old phone."

"Gabby." He whined


"Stop worrying about everything back home," he gently took the phone from my hands "Let's go out to see a movie." He shoved the phone in his pocket

"But I just wanted to–"

"Lights Out seems like a great movie to see." He said while popping a fry in his mouth.

He got up from the bed and walked towards the door "Jack can I please have it back?" I asked

"At the end of the trip you can, but for now, let's worry about the topic of what movie to see."

"Ok, Lights Out seems good." I sighed

"Today is your week to just chill out and not worry about shit like that. I promise, you'll be ok." He said while slipping on his shoes.


Ayyyyyeeeee 40 chapters. It wasn't my best, but heeeeyyyyyy I'm tryna get over this writers block, man

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