Chapter TWO

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Chapter TWO


"School Kat." My mom called from the door the next morning. I groaned sleepily and folded the top of the page to mark my spot. I hopped around quickly to get myself presentable for the first day and with a sigh I deemed myself worthy.

Passing quickly by the mirror in the hallway so I couldn't see myself I made my way downstairs.

Again my dad sat at the table with his coffee and newspaper but my mom wasn't in the kitchen and neither were my siblings.

"They went out on a run." His eyes twinkled as they looked over the paper at me.

A feeling of being left out settled in my gut, I hated that I wasn't allowed to join in. But I had my dad so we could be left out together.

Fixing myself some cereal I leaned against the counter as I ate and watch out the window. They still hadn't come and it was ten to eight.

"Bye dad." I kissed his cheek and grabbed my bag off the hook in the foyer, where my siblings bags still hung.

"Want a ride Kiddo?" My dad appeared in the kitchen door.

"I'm good but thanks." I waved to him one last time and made my way out.

The walk to school wasn't too far and within five minutes I was at the school. Looking over my shoulder one last time before I made it into the school I saw the family car pulling into the lot, my brother no doubt driving.

Making my way to my locker I watched my feet with mild interest while I felt all the stares in my direction. I wish I wasn't the new kid that people gawked at. I grabbed my schedule, that I got at the open house last week, from my bag and studied it again. My locker number and combo scrawled on a sticky note that clung to the paper beneath it.

It took me three tries to get the locker to open and by that time the first bell had rung. I knew where most of my classes were so I had no trouble finding the Calc room.

"Pick a seat, any seat." A male shouted from the front of the room as students scrambled around to pick a seat. I pushed my way quickly to the back and picked a seat off to the side. I was quite pleased with my selection.

"Write your name on this page where you are currently sitting." The male held up a paper with boxes on it, "This is going to be the seating arrangement."

Most of the people in front scrunched up their noses at this information, including the boy that was in my bedroom last night.

Colin was across the room in the front row, sitting next to some guys from the rink. He looked bored as he looked around at all the people in the class before his eyes collided with mine. The corner of his lip twitched and he looked to the teacher again as he spoke.

"I'm Mr. Holland, the only worthy math teacher in this school." He smiled as most of the students smirked. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Colin look to me again but I was focused on the teacher. "Really the only worthy teacher for any subject. Make sure you let Mr. Dean and Mr. Kale know I said that." He laughed.

What was happening?

"Okay, pop quiz." He grinned picking up a stack of papers from the table in the front. Everyone groaned and I bit my lip. "Don't groan at me, it's just to see how much you know. It won't be graded, unless someone gets them all correct in which case everyone's points will be taken to the grade book."

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