Bonus #2

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yoongi pov

He's gone

The jungkook I came to know and love is gone. Whether he went by hiroto or jungkook, I truly don't care because a name is just a title. The name he went by didn't change the feelings that were born inside me. It didn't change the memories we made. It didn't change the laughter that filled the air. It didn't change him.

I always loved that idiot and once I finally knew he felt the same way, he went to go do something stupid that cost his life.

I could of made him happy

We could of became like those gross couples at the park, holding hands, giving each other kisses, looking at one another with the must caring eyes, but that's impossible now

My hands pressed harder on the black sweater, grasping tighter in my hold. It still carries his scent, still holds his heat. I brought the soft fabric to my chest, hugging it for dear life.

" Please wait for me " I spoke, whipping my tears with my sleeves, not caring about the result of it getting dirty.

" P-please wait for me hiroto "


taehyung pov

" c-can we make a baby tonight? "

In a big swoop I was turned to be face to face with no other then jungkook

" what? " he asked, assuring his ears weren't deceiving him and that I what I spoke was heard correctly.

" I-i want to make a baby with you "

My eyes shyly glance up at him, coming in sight with the shocked experience his face had on display

" tae, are you asking to have sex with me? "

My eyes dropped once that word was spoken, 'sex'

" 'Sex' is such a gross word to say, I prefer the term 'making babies' more "

Laughter filled the air, bouncing against the white walls. I glanced up to come in sight with jungkooks beautiful smile, a smile that has such a huge effect on me. While admiring his glowing facial features, I didn't come to realization that the laughter had died out awhile a go.

In a blink of an eye jungkook was right in front of me and when I mean right in front of me, I mean, forehead pressed against mine, lips lighting hovering over mine, and dark eyes so focus on nothing more then me.

" tae "  he spoke in a husky, deep voice, a voice that I have never heard, and one that brought me shivers

" y-yeah? " my eyes flickered towards anything but him, trying to compose myself because if I were to proceed on staring at him I would of definitely melt in an instant.

" look at me " he gripped my chin, lifting it slowly so I was once again staring into his deep dark eyes.

" I would love to make a baby with you tonight "

I felt my checks burn, feeling the effect of them turning a bright shade of pink.

" fuck tae, you're so cute " he spoke before attacking me with his lips

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