Chapter 3 - Sandy Satan

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It was the end of the next day and I was stood at my locker, getting books out so I could do some studying at home tonight. I don't have any tests or anything coming up; I just like to be ahead of things.

Maybe I am a nerd.

"Hey, Satan."


I close my locker and turn around to face him.

"What do you want," I say.

"Oh, Satan. Seems like you're getting moodier and moodier. Did you get enough sleep last night? Is your flow getting heavier?"

I narrow my eyes at him. "If all you wanted to do was bug me then I'm leaving." I take a step away from him but before I can get any further, he grabs my arm and spins me back around to face him.

"Actually, what I wanted was to ask if I could copy your chemistry notes? I ditched class last time but I don't wanna fall behind so I need notes."

"Since when do you care about keeping up with work?"

This doesn't sound like him.

"Since now. Can I have them?"

"No." I try to walk away again but he just holds my arm and this time doesn't let go.

"Why not? I will give them back tomorrow."

"I need them tonight."

"Let me take a photo of it then."


"Why not?"


"Because why?"

"Because I said no."

"But why-"

"Just shut up! Fine here," I open my notepad and hold it out for him to take a photo.

He stares at it, then looks at my locker, then at me.

"It's not those ones I want. I need old ones. I saw your old books in your locker before you closed it."

"The only notes I have in those books are from last year. Why would you need them?"

"Because I do. Just give me them."

I groan, putting my combination into my locker then opening it, I pull out my 10th grade chemistry book.

"Which bit do you need-" When I turn around he is really close up to my face. If I moved any more then my face would touch his.

He quickly pulls away and scratches the back of his neck.

What the heck was that?

" which part do you want?" I ask hesitantly.

"What?" He furrows his eyebrows.

"The notes. Which part do you want to take a photo of."

"Oh, um... I don't need them anymore."


"But you-"

"See you later, nerd." With that he turns and walks away down the corridor towards the exit.

That was weird.

Confused, I put the book back in my locker then head outside to meet Zoey so she can drive me home.

I have my license, I just can't afford a car right now. I don't need one anyway, Zoey drives me everywhere since most of the time it's her I'm going places with.

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