Chapter 22

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A lady with dark hair and pale skin ran through the woods, her hands holding a little bundle, looking back every now and then.

The tree's swayed harshly around her and howls filled the cold air.

The lady panted heavily, stumbling over a tree root; she carried on running.

"Lila, you will never run from me. You will never get away from me, I will take my daughter and then kill you. You can't run and you can't hide." A man's voice filled the woods, right as a familiar man came out of the shadows, his eyes black and his claws out.

"You will never get me or our daughter." The lady snapped back, her hands tightening on the bundle, right as cried came out of it.

Right as the man stepped forward, the woman raised her hand and moved it in a line, her eyes glowing, and the man crashed straight back into the tree's.

The woman carried on running, the bundle still crying, but now she was also crying.

The woman reached a hill, below her were houses and land, with patrolling guards. She knew what she had to do.

"I love you, dear daughter." She whispered to the bundle, placing it on the dirty ground by the hill. She waved her hand and a note appeared out of nowhere, and she placed it into the bundle.

She gave it one last longing look before running away, the baby's cries still echoing louder and louder.


A few guards came walking over to the hill. They saw the bundle and they yelled, a few minutes later, a few more men came along.

"It's a baby." One man called out, shock filling his voice.

A brown werewolf came over to the bundle, sniffing it everywhere as giggles erupted from the bund- baby.

A tanned hand reached out to the wolf, the hand stroking it's nose.

"Looks like she's took a liking to you mate." A dark haired man joked. "What you gonna do? Keep her?"

The wolf grumbled in agreement and picked up the bundle with its teeth, walking back towards the houses.

The guards behind looked back in shock and worry.

I shot straight up, my forehead glistening with sweat and my hands clenched.

What was that? Who was that lady? Why was the man from the woods there? Why was my dad there? And most importantly, was the baby me?

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