Chapter 54 (Duke's POV)

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I ran.

I ran as fast as I could to where the explosion took placed.

The room was open to the outside, the cold night winds caused the smell of charcoal to fill my lungs as I took a step into the burnt room. A few students lay on the floor unmoving or groaning in pain.

At that moment, the thought of the student's wellbeing didn't enter my mind but the person behind the screen of smoke did.

I could see her long white hair flowing back, riding the cold winds like feathers. My heart stopped at the sight of those icy blue eyes glowing back at me. There was so much hatred stirring inside them.

You know, it is hard to see the love of your life as someone evil. It's hard to see that they take pleasure in the something that brings pain to others but the hardest part is knowing that what they are doing, bring pain to themselves.

"Winter," I whispered as I slowly approached her.

She stared at me in confusion when I whispered to her as if she didn't recognise me. Then she turned away, her eyes stared out at the world with such animosity. I just wanted to shut them and watch those soft blue eyes that showed hints of contentment and not the rage in those of the person in front of me.

"Winter, why?" I shout at her but she didn't reply.

I moved towards her but I was suddenly blocked by a figure, Talon. He stood in front of me, blocking me from my Winter. Winter started walking towards the edge of the room.

"If you love her, let her go," Talon told me staring at me.

"You know that is not going to happen, ever," I said back to him.

Suddenly, black flames erupted from my hands burning brightly as I attack Talon but he disappeared into a cloud of shadows. I didn't realise that he appeared behind me until he kicked me from behind.

I stumbled forward but quickly regain my foot and swing again at him but he dodged it. A few vines of shadows emerged from the ground and wrap themselves around my legs, holding me in place.

"Give up, Duke," Talon spoke from a distance away from me, just out of my hitting range.

"Never!" I shouted breaking the vines and running towards him.

Talon was about to disappear but I caught onto his shoulder just in time.

"Oh no, you don't!" I screamed yanking him out of his shadows.

He screamed in agony as my fingers dig themselves into his shoulders burning his flesh. The smell of smoke skin overflowed the room making me grin. Talon pulled himself away from my hand leaving a chunk of burned flesh in his place.

I had no mercy now for Talon and what he did to Winter. I am going to make sure he regrets ever trying to look at her from the same level as her. He was going to be burned until there are only ashes.

Talon's eyes showcased fear and they had the right to be as I am going to make sure he was going to hell. I grab onto his legs as he tried to get away from me. The skin crumbled into ashes underneath my hands as he cried tears of misery.

"Duke!" Fay shouted from behind me with Mike and Jeffery standing behind her.

The only thing I could focus now was ripping every tendon from his leg until he only had his dirty bones for me to crush.

"Stop it, Duke! This isn't you!" Fay shouted as Mike hold her from coming to me which was smart because I would burn her.

If only Fay knew the truth that this was the real me. A disgusting piece of Elemental who loves to hear the screams of torture from his victims as he pulls every organ out of their limp body. The person that loved the sight of his dead parents that he killed with his new powers as his little sister screamed in the background. The hideous, vile man that Winter could see.

"And yet Winter still fell in love with you," Talon whispered to me.

My head turned instantly to Talon who laid beneath me panting slowly. His eyes were trying to keep themselves open.

"What did you say?" I said to Talon.

"Yes, you are the most loathing and foul man to ever set foot on this earth. You enjoy the pain you cause me like a sadist but she still managed to fell for the likes of you." Talon whispered as I stared shocked at Talon.

"It's because Winter is too kind. She is an angel and yet even the purest angel fell for the vile devil. She will never stop loving you because there was something in you that she couldn't let go and you will fight anyone who dares take her away because you know how precious she is." Talon whispered.


I turned around to see Jeffery standing there looking down at me with a solemn look.

"Go to your angel. She needs you before her demons consume her. You are the only one that can fight them for her, Mr. Devil." Jeffery said.

Before I knew it, I was running to my angel hoping that she is still my beloved angel.

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