Chapter 23

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"Well, love, it looks like lovely Alessandra is slowly revealing parts of her past and history." He smirked and looked over at the woman chained onto the floor by his feet.

"She'll never join you." She snapped, crying out when his hand snapped forward to slap her.

"That's where you're wrong beautiful. You're the one who placed the curse on Prince Dakota, so you're the only one who can take it away. And guess what, our dear daughter is his mate. What do you think she'd do for love?" He asked, grabbing onto her chin and forcing her to look into his dark eyes.

Her eyes widened in shock and she shook her head out off his grasp. "What!"

"Yes. Oh you didn't know?" He asked mockingly. "She's going to be the future princess, well, your plan failed, didn't it? You thought she'd be safe and sound from harms way, well, that kinda went down the drain."

"Shut up. You're still not going to go anywhere near her!" The lady snapped out, spitting onto the man's face.

"You can deny all you want, but soon, my plan will come to a start, and I'll get my daughter, just like I should've all those years ago, along with her little monster prince and your precious lover. I have my insider working this very minute now."

He smirked evilly, standing back up. He looked out of the window, the moonlight shadowing his face.

Hey guys! What do you think is happening? I think we all know by now that Alessandra is a witch and her REAL dad is an evil ass! Please COMMENT&VOTE!!!!! Thanks!

Ps. Sorry for the really short chapter, at least there was important info in here 😁

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