2: Shatter

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~??? POV~

Oh, look at that little Angel child...... I need to take care of her if I'm going to get that Circle of hers.... She is going to regret being born into this family.....

~Lizzie POV~

When I see Iris arrive, she just zooms past me without much as a smile or wave. I wonder if we are ever going to be friends again after the last incident.

Iris looks over at me again, and realizes I was doing it the whole time. She growls,

"You did this!!?? I can't believe you. Get out of my house, and don't come back! Some friend you are! You've gone too far this time!"

"I didn't know Forsythia was depressed!  I thought it would be just a simple prank!"

"Says the girl who pushed my sister off the bridge, not to mention writing the note in her handwriting!"

"P-Please, give me another chance!!" I sob, covering my red face in my hands.

"YOU CAN'T TAKE BACK WHAT YOU DID!!!!! GET OUT!!!!!!!!!" Iris screeches.

I run off, tears trailing behind me.

I doubt it, considering what happened, but it might be worth a try.

~Iris POV~

I got off the bus that day and run upstairs, slamming my door behind me. I held the golden, glowing scepter in my hands, wishing on it like it was a star.

"Dear Angelican Circle, please let me have good luck..."

I crossed my heart, letting the stars know that my prayer was pure.

Suddenly, I heard a crash, which startled me, causing me to let go of the scepter. All I could do was watch in horror as it fell to the ground, shattering into a million pieces.

No. This could not be happening.

I ran to the library as fast as I could, looking for any books I could find on ancient magical relics.

I found one book. One. It was titled, Relics Of Angelica.

As soon as I checked out the book, I ran home, looking for anything on the Angelican Circle. When I got to the page, it said,

See Deer of Silvia.

I looked to find it, and I found what I needed. If the Circle breaks, I needed to find the Deer of Silvia, whatever that was. It said that I have to go on a quest to Angelica to get to it. I went downstairs to where my mom was.

"Mom, I accidentally broke the Circle, and now I need to go get the Deer of Silvia. Can you take me to Angelica?"

Mom looked down at me from her book she was reading.

"Kore ijõ iwanai." {Say no more.} she said, before saying a magic spell. Her silver wand glowed purple, the same color as her amulet, and a portal of the same purple opened. We stepped through, leaving Earth.

Little did we know, it was for good.

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