― thirty-three: six feet under

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[ CHAPTER 33 : SIX FEET UNDER :keep you in the dark, you know they all pretend. keep you in the dark and so it all began. send in your skeletons sing as their bones go marching in, again. the need you buried deep. the secrets that you keep are ever ready. are you ready? i'm finished making sense, done pleading ignorance the whole defense. spinning infinity, boy. the wheel is spinning me it's never-ending, never-ending same old story.]


          PARKER SHIVERS AS SHE and Cameron tentatively walk through White Pine Forest. Rain drips down on them from between the branches and leaves that hang above their head and cover up the morning sky. The dirt is clumped together and muddy from the rain last night, and no matter how Parker picks her feet up her shoes get covered in dark brown mud. She tries stepping on the plots where green fresh grass sticks up but even then, her shoes get muddier. "I can't believe were doing this," Cameron groans as she flicks her pink hoodie over her head and crosses her arms over her chest. "Don't you think this is stupid? What if we get killed?"

          Parker glances back at her, momentarily thinking about the notion. Would Doctor Turner kill them? He has a solid reason for it. Parker knows a lot of information about things he probably doesn't want anyone but himself to know. But, doesn't that equal more troubles? Killing her, Cameron, and Nico would only equate to having to cover up more for this never ending game. Would Doctor Turner really go to that extent? Maybe, but maybe not. It's that latter part that gives her hope that things might end the way she wants.

          "What if they killed Nico already?" Cameron continues.

          Parker gnaws at her bottom lip, that's a possibility. Nico, in that photo, looked on the edge of ending up six feet underneath her feet. She takes a shaky breath in as they continue further down the dirt bike path through the forest. The GPS signal stays steady, pointing them in the direction they need to go; but, anxiety is beginning to build up in her stomach. Making her feel uneasy.

          "If he's dead, then it's pointless to even be―"

          Parker twists on the heel of her foot to face Cameron, her brunette hair whipping so fast it just barely hits the blonde in the face. "Shut-up, Cameron, I'm tired of hearing you complain. If you don't want to be here, then leave―I don't need your help." The blonde uncomfortably shifts from one leg to the other as her arms cross over her chest.

          "This just feels like a set up."

          Parker's shoulders slump as she turns to begin walking again her head hanging toward her chest. Could it be a set up? Sure. There's no reason not to think so. A picture speaks a thousand words, but that picture of Nico tells her nothing other than someone hurt him. He could be dead, or on the verge of it. It could be fake, really good Photoshop. Either way she could quite possibly be walking into her death, and bringing Cameron along with her.

          Her GPS tracker dings, "We're here," Parker raises her head up to look around the area. A giant moss covered willow tree stands before them, and Parker knows exactly what she's looking at. "This is the tree Wakefield hung his victims from." Cameron comes up beside her, a shaky breath leaving her mouth as Parker's hands clench into fists.

          Parker turns her face away from the tree and draws in a long breath. Cameron exhales, "Now, what? We wait?" Parker moves to sit, her body crouching beside the willow tree with her back moving to lean against it. "How long will they make us wait?" The brunette doesn't know, and yet her mind can't stop reeling.

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