Chapter 24

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"Dad! I have to talk to you! Dad, where the f- Hattie." I stopped myself from swearing and instead smiled sweetly at my stepmum.

"Hello Alessandra. Your dad's not here right now, but you can talk to me about anything." Hattie smiled at me, patting the space by the bed besides her.

I know I don't know anything about my real mum, I still care about her more than Hattie, and that's saying a lot since I haven't even seen that woman. Unless that weirdo dream I just had was real. Which I'm pretty sure wasn't.

I walked over to her and sat right at the end, staring at her suspiciously. "Where you waiting for someone or something?"

"Of course not, I heard you come along. You're not exactly the quietest with your loud, ungraceful footsteps. What did you want to talk about with me?"

"I actually want to talk to dad, not you." I told her, ignoring the first part of her sentence. "But since you're here... I kinda don't wanna go back to the pack tomorrow , I wanna stay here with Dakota. You guys can still visit or I can visit you. And if you guys need any help, I'll be there. But then I don't wanna leave dad, Liam and Austin. But Dakota's my mate, and I really can't live without him."

I took a deep breath after I spoke that long explanation. I looked up at Hattie, keeping quiet about the frown and panicked look on her face

"Of course you can stay here dear! Well that's my opinion. Don't worry dear, I'll talk to your father for you, you just go on to sleep now. It's already eight, and we all have a big day ahead of us tomorrow filia mi." Hattie said, all of the sudden trying to push me out of her room. "Goodnight!"

I barely even blinked before I was pushed out of the room and the door was slammed in my face.

Wait a minute, filia mi? Where have I heard those words before?

I started thinking, but before I could even comprehend those words and their meanings, I smelt a familiar scent. Dakota's.

I pushed down my question and followed the scent around the castle, hurrying past the people still in the corridors doing god knows what!

Where the fuck was he going? Was he sneaking out into the forest? Wait a minute, this could finally be the moment when I find out what he's hiding!

Well then... time to do some exploring/spying!

Oh wait, whenever things like this happen in movies, something bad always happens... oh well, I'm an actual werewolf with superhuman strengths!

Hey guys! Sorry was the kinda late update and the short chapter, but I'm gonna try and make the next chapter or the chapter after long, coz something gonna happen! How many pages should I try and aim for? And does anyone know what filia mi means?!       Please: COMMENT&VOTE!!!     Thanks xx

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