III: Damn, Dorito Boy!

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"Austin..." I whispered in shock.

A large grin appeared on my face once I was out of my shock. I ran to him and gave him a big ol' koala hug. Austin tightened his hold on me and spun me around. Normani and Lauren looked surprised and confused with our interaction but I chose to ignore and focus my attention on my friend that I haven't seen since I moved here. I broke out into a fit of giggles as he spun me around. Eventually, he put me back on the ground. I gave him one more squeeze before stepping out of his hold.

"Good to see you again, Camila." grinned Austin. "Why are you here? I thought you were still in Miami?" I asked. "I'm visiting a relative for a month."

"Really?" I told him in disbelief. He nodded his head, that grin still on his face "Yeah! That means we still have a month to hang out!"

"That's great!"

I led him to the group and introduced him to the other two he still didn't know. "Hey! I'm Austin."

"Lauren." She answered back. I looked between the two of them and I was aware that Lauren was basically glaring daggers at Austin while he just looked very much uncomfortable in Lauren's intense stare. "Ugh... Yeah. Nice to meet you." He stammered awkwardly. I dubiously stared at the two. What's with Lauren today? Does she not like Austin? He's a nice guy. Lauren will gonna like him once she gets to know Austin better. I hope... I know Lauren wont be that open to him though. She never liked talking to people she isn't comfortable with.

Funny enough, that's how we started.

"I'm Normani." Said Normani. She shook his hand then put her arm around Lauren, giving her a seemingly reassuring squeeze. "I'm sorry about Lauren. She's not really fond of meeting new people."

"Don't worry about it."

"You already know my other two friends." I swung my arm towards the direction of Dinah and Ally. They merely smiled at him politely. "We actually met before." added Austin. "We did?" Dinah asked, looking a bit confused. She gave Ally a look to which Ally just tried to stifle a giggle. "Umm..." Austin's cheeks reddened from embarrassment as he was thinking of what to say "We... Ugh- We met when I was at Camila's house but she wasn't home. Just like you told me. Don't you remember?" He rubbed the nape of his and coughed.

"Oh!" Dinah made a fist and slammed it against her palm, with a look of fake realization. "You're Dorito Boy!"

I gave an incredulous look. What the hell are you doing? I mouthed to Dinah. She winked at me and continued to mess with Dorito Bo- I mean Austin.

"I think?" Austin shot me a skeptical look to which I responded with an apologetic smile. The others were red from trying to stop their laughter while Austin looked like a tomato, looking really red with embarrassment. "Dinah just really liked to mess with people." I tried to reason. I really don't know how he would take that...

"Yeah," He pointed his thumb behind his back and said "I was just passing by and I really need to go now."

"Aw, that's too bad." I pouted. He chuckled "Do you like, want to meet up tomorrow? We can catch up and hang out. I'll message you the details."

I nodded eagerly and waved him goodbye as he walked to the other side of the street. Once he was out of sight, I see the other looking at me weirdly. Normani looked disturbed, Lauren looked a little bit angry and Ally was polite enough to just give me a small smile. Dinah... Dinah is literally in a laughing fit right now.

"Damn, Dorito Boy!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I slapped Dinah's arm harshly. "He was trying to be nice!"

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