Chapter 27

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"Wait, Dakota! Wait!" I screamed after him, my voice full of desperation and annoyance turning into anger. "Where the fuck are you! You were right in fucking front of me!"

I screamed out in frustration, punching a tree hard before cursing when I heard a loud crack. I noticed the rain fall heavily from the dark night sky, and I tried to call myself down. I was in no mood to deal with my witchy shit and lightning.

"Just stay away. You weren't meant to find out. This is why I tried pushing you away!" I turned around quickly, my eyes trying to adjust to the darkness.

I quickly used my weirdo-eye magic to look through the rain better. Hey, this is probably why I have those powers, coz I'm a witch! Okay, not the point right now, but at least it's one less problem.

"I'm your fucking mate! Your shit is my shit and my shit is your shit!" I shouted out in exasperation. "That turned out wrong, let me rephrase that. Your problems are my problems and vice versa."

He let out a deep chuckle, sending shivers down my spine. "I love you Alessandra, I really do, but my problems are my problems and mine only." There was a deep tint of sadness and guilt.

"Just tell me! I love you! Why don't you trust me!"

Our little 'conversation' just reminded me of The Notebook, yes I've watched that girly film, and yes I cried. You know the bit where they're having that little argument in the rain. Hopefully ours will also finish with us fucking. Or am I talking about a different part of the movie? Eh, who cares!

"Fine! I'll tell you my sad, sob story. And if you feel disgusted with me, know that I warned you. Won't be surprised if you leave me." His bitter voice surprised me, but I concealed it well as I took a step forwards towards the shadows he was in. "No, stay there. I'll  stay here. I talk, you listen."

"Fine." I replied just as bitterly.

"Well then, get comfortable, coz this is a long story. And because it's still raining lightly."

I sighed through my nose but listened to his request, as I settled down onto the ground
and leant against a tree. I ignored the soggy mud and wet grass under my butt.

"Well, I guess we should start from way before I was born. This was even before my brother was born and just at the beginning when my parents first met..."

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