Silence Said To Can It

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The light of the sun was already waking me up from my sleep. I haven't slept with a blanket in a long time that I forgot sleeping can actually be peaceful. 

I haven't even noticed that Jackson wasn't in my arms anymo-


I shot up quickly and saw that Jackson wasn't here anymore.

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.


He would have responded by now. Where did that brat go!?

I started grabbing the stuff off the floor getting ready to go look for Jackson but then I smelt his secent.

I mentally groaned when I noticed his scent was coming from Alex's pack house.

Really Jackson....out of all the places to go wondering off to you choose to go there. Great, just great.

At least he was with Olive. I smelt her too.

"Time to go back."

I knew I wasn't dressed as Silence and I wasn't planning on dressing like Silence. Yesterday was difficult enough being Silence at that pack house. Rose should be good for today.

Within seconds I was already in front of the pack house knocking on the main doors as loud as I can.

I was mad and I wanted everyone in the damn pack house to know it.

"Open the door! I know Jackson's in there I can smell him!"

I could feel Alex having a headache after hearing my voice but he also felt kind of happy.

Damn mate connection.

"Someone open the door! Come on!"

I gasped when I started to feel who was coming. I had this happy feeling inside saying 'Yes!' while I had another feeling saying 'Crap'.

Then the doors swung open revealing my handsome mate.

His eyes widedened when we saw me. When he first saw me as Rose there was only a lamp on in the room so he couldn't clearly see me.....until now.

I felt a little proud of myself when I saw him checking me out. Weird but proud.

"Where's Jackson?"

When I spoke he finally had the decency to look me in the eye (since the other one was being covered by my hair). Then out of nowhere this jerk smirks. Wha-

"Have we meet?"

Gah! Jerk. Defiantly a jerk.

I'll play along with his game.

"I don't believe we have, but if we have than were to engrossed in having sex that we probably don't remember. Besides it not like you would wait to be a virgin or anything just to have sex with your mate. Are you that much of a fairytale-loving werewolf?

His smirk dropped and turned to a scowl.

"Who said I was a virgin?"

I sucked in a shocked breath. If I said that didn't atleast hurt a little bit I would be lying.

Great, now I'm sad...and mad but mostly sad.

"Don't worry its not like it was good or anything."

I turned my head back up and noticed that Alex was trying to avoid eye contact with me as he rubbed the back of his neck.

He felt me get sad. Aw. He tried cheeri---no. He did cheer me up.

But the mad is still there.

"Don't worry it's not like I'm a virgin either."

I was.

I'm 19 and spent every second with Jackson. Why would I be doing such things when other things are more important than that.

I felt a chill run down my spine. I stared at Alex in the eye and noticed the he was mad.

"Who was that guy?"

He said it really low and I knew he was angry. Very very very angry.

Let me just push him a little more. It would be hard to hide both my smirk and laughter but I had to.

"Who said it was only one?"

A crunching noise was made at the edge of the door. It was Alex's hand that was crushing the side of the door.

I bit my lip.

I don't know why but I found it very attract--- no!

Dang it Rose keep your 19 year old hormones in check.

"Anyway Alex. Nice meeting you but I really need to find Jackson. You might know him. He is kind of friends with you little sister Olive."

"Olive? She can't be. Why would a boy hangout with her? No boys for her till she's married."


"Married...? How does that work?"

"Meaning she can't be around boys. Ever. No boys."

"You need to calm down a bit. Your too over protective. Its not like someth---"



I rush into the house and run to the noise.

It lead me to the backyard of the pack house. There sat Olive next to Jackson who was laying down on the ground rubbing his arm.

"Oh goodness Jackson are you okay!?"

Both childen seemed surprised to see me but I didn't care to explain why I was there until I knew Jackson was alright.

"Jackson what's wrong? What happened?"

"N-nothing I just fell don't worry."

Thank goodness.

"And I'm the over protective one?"

Stupid mate. I can't believe he actually followed me here.

"Can it Alex."


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