Chapter 28

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"It was when the packs all started working together to get rid of all the witches. Kinda failed since you're here, but I guess that's the whole point of the curse." I laughed a cold and fake laugh.

"My father, the prince at that time , he was in the troop that went through this little unknown village, killing most of the people there. Including the entire family of some powerful witch. She was obviously angry, and at my father mostly. She wanted him to feel the pain she felt when he killed her family, but instead of killing his family, she didn't do anything."

I sighed tiredly. "What next?" Alessandra asked. I could see a curious look on her face, but that would turn into disgust when she sees me and hears the tale.

"On the day of my father's coronation, she appeared again. Right in the middle of the people putting the crown on his head. She started talking shit about family and killing, but the guards arrested her before she could do anything. She was executed by my father himself the morning after and everyone celebrated and forgot."

"It was only was only a few years later when my mum was pregnant did the other witch come. She was young, about our age or younger, she was the witch's daughter. She was pissed that we killed her mum."

"You know about the myth that witches are the ones that made the moongoddess and all of us werewolves? The ones who ruled years ago?" I nodded silently when I heard Alessandra reply with a yes.

"Anyways, the daughter started saying that we were all monsters and had to stay that way forever, but we changed and defied the witches. She was pissed and all and was thinking about placing a curse on every single one of them."

"But then my dad begged her not to, and told her that he was the one who punished her family, and that he was the one that had to get punished, not them. She agreed, but instead of placing a curse on him, she placed a curse on my mother."

"You are connected with the monster. You are carrying his monster child. Your child will suffer just like I have. The one born under the full moon, right when lightning strikes."

"And then she disappeared." I said quietly, remembering the stories that my parents had told me about the curse.

"Cayden was born, he was born under a full moon, but lightning didn't strike. And then Robyn, she wasn't born under one either. My parents had thought that the curse was fake, and soon I was born. Stupid really, shouldn't mess with witches. I was born under a full moon and lightning stroke."

"I was always different to my siblings. I could change into my wolf form easily, but top easily. I was more stronger and had a temper. The guards searched high and low for the witch, but they didn't find anything."

"On my tenth birthday, I changed. For the ten family members that my father had killed. I changed into a monster, right on the full moon. I nearly killed my brother, my own flesh and blood." My voice cracked with emotion and I fisted my knuckles.

"I learnt how to control it. Well, I just learnt how to not kill people. Every now and then Cayden and Xavier come to help me once a month."

"And that's the story of how I became more of a monster than I already was."

It was silent and I closed my eyes. She was gone. Just like I expected.

Who would stay for a monster like me?

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