Coming Out || Jamal, Andre and Hakeem

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Since today is National Coming Out Day, I decided to do a prompt on Jamal coming out to Andre and Hakeem. It's really short but I wanted to do something for today, enjoy! & Happy National Coming Out Day to anyone who is out, planning on coming out, still in the closet or is just an ally. 🌈❤💫


"I'm gay."

The moment he said it out loud was the exact moment he wished he had said nothing at all. That would have been so much easier, to not say it or to simply say 'ha ha just kidding!' Maybe quickly change the subject, something that would erase the moment that Jamal was scolding himself quietly in the head for. He couldn't do that though, he couldn't just not say it. If he did that then he would be forcing himself to be someone he wasn't and never wanted to be. What kind of life is that? Where you're not yourself, forced to obey society's ideal rules. A wasted life, Jamal thought. And to make it a joke? No, that was pointless, too. There was nothing haha tee hee about being attacked and judged for sexuality. The subject couldn't be brushed over either. Not just because it was too much of an important topic but because right now the room was irritatingly silent and the only other people in it were Hakeem and Andre and their eyes were glued to Jamal. 

Their stares made him irrationally nervous. They stared at Jamal like he had just confessed to killing Tupac and Biggie, like he told them he had a third foot, like he had just told them he wasn't straight. Oh.. wait. 

"Well? W-what do you guys think of that?" Jamal's eyes dropped down onto shiny tiled floors he was standing on. He stared awkwardly at his own worn out, yet still decent pair of converse, and the shoes of his brothers. Andre's always perfect dress shoes and Hakeem's pearly white adidas. Their taste in shoes was one example of how they were all different from one another. Jamal had just given them another example.

"Jamal.." Andre's voice broke the uncomfortable silence. He looked up at his older brother, hesitantly. He scanned Andre's face for any kind of distaste or judgement. The same kind of expressions Lucious had given him when he told him about his being attracted to men. And you know what? He didn't see any of that. Instead, he saw a grin overtake his brother's face. "thanks for telling us."

"Thank you for not being disgusted with me." Jamal let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. Who knew it was so difficult to be yourself?

"Why would I be disgusted with you? You're the same little brother I've always known and loved. Nothing about you has changed."

Joy overtook Jamal, he couldn't help but let a few tears build up on his eyes. He hugged his older brother. "Thank you, Andre! I love you."

Hakeem let out a loud childish whine, "Heeeey! I don't get any love? I don't mind having a gay brother either!"

Jamal playfully rolled his eyes at the younger boy. He grabbed onto Hakeem and pulled him into a group hug.

It felt good to be loved. It felt great to be accepted. Even better to be yourself.

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