Chapter 1

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It has been slightly more than three years since I left New York and Ethan behind.

Nothing much has happened since the incident. However, I sometimes dream about him.

My life has not been easy, but I continue to work my hardest for my son.

I started modeling; most of my projects are for companies just starting their business.

I am also an event planner and I love it! I try to stay away from weddings or anything related to people in the business world.

Apart from these two jobs, I love spending my time with my son. Occasionally, I spot Ethan on some front magazine page whenever his company has passed another milestone.

My heart still skips a beat whenever I see him on billboards while driving to work. I know I shouldn't feel anything for him after what happened but deep down I regret running away.

I always stop myself from making up scenarios in my head about the "what if" situations. Most of the time, I am able to drown myself in work.

I currently live in the same state as my siblings. The Miami weather changes just like my mood.

My younger brother just turned twenty-three years old. We celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago. We invited our parents; however, they were busy with work.

I was also a little anxious. I didn't want to meet Ethan by any chance. I heard my parents talking about it during our FaceTime.

My father had a weird expression that time but he brushed it off. He had told me something regarding meeting him again. But before I could ask him any further questions he had things to do.

The events following after I left were a rollercoaster. I found out I was two months pregnant during my depression phase. I had suddenly fainted during a conversation with Elliot.

The moment I gave birth to him, his name just came to mind. It was made for him: Alexander Nathan Anderson.

I wanted him to have his dad's last name. If things ever went wrong or I suddenly died, I wanted him to have someone.

The only characteristic he got from me were my eyes. Apart from that, he is a replica of his dad when he was a baby.

My parents have supported me throughout my pregnancy.

There were a few ups and downs in our relationship but we made it through.

"Mommy!" Alex yells in excitement getting my attention. His chubby hands move frantically as he points outside the window.

"Bababa!" I glance outside and watch as the plane begins to descend.

I was still not ready to come back to New York, but my dad insisted I return.

Ethan doesn't know I have a child.

I wanted to tell him but I didn't have the courage to do it. It felt selfish of me to keep Xander all to myself.

Everything felt surreal and scary. However, I finally made the decision to face anything that comes my way. Father had sent me a film about this new project to me and I was interested in it. He didn't send anything else afterwards, which made me curious.

After much overthinking, I decided to move back here.

His orders were to land in New York at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Right after landing, I had to meet the client at a ball. Everything was moving fast. However, I didn't want to miss this opportunity.

I get interrupted from my thoughts when I hear my baby's voice. Alexander is growing so fast that at times I mistake him for a four year old.

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