Chapter 8

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I wanted to apologize for not uploading for a LONG time. Hopefully, you guys understand. :3 I promise and my goal is to do three chapters by the end of this week. Well, this is dedicated to hugabear because she requested I do a Weston POV. ALSO, THANKYOU to YOU for reading. <3


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Weston’s POV.-

I hate you.

Those words rang in my head clearly. It replayed, haunting and torturing me. Danny’s voice threatened me. Her words burned a hole. Every tear she shed made me flinch. She glared at me as if she wanted me dead. I felt the hurt radiating off of her and my wolf growled at me for doing such a thing.

As those same three words repeated over and over in my head, I stood stock still. My hands were in tight fists. However, I wasn’t angry at anyone. I was angry at myself.

The cafeteria was dead silent, everyone’s eyes glued on me. Danny had just left and with her presence gone, I felt cold. A moment ago, I got what I wanted. I wanted her to look at me with hatred. Now, I regretted it. All I wanted from her was to have my arms around her, to protect her, to have her eyes gleam at me with adoration. I wanted her lips to be pressed against mine, her smile to brighten up my day, her beautiful laugh to send my heart into overdrive. But, I lost that all because my ego took the best of me.

I regretted what I did, yes. I will not deny the mistake I have just made. She had every right to be angry with me. She wasn’t the one who was pathetic, I was. There was no one to blame, but myself. I had one thing in common with Danny. I hated myself too.

The silence was broken with the sound of footsteps erupting from behind me. “Oh baby, you’re so sexy when you’re angry,” Jessica – or was it Janet? – purred in my ear. I shivered in disgust. I wanted no one but Danny. Janet must’ve thought her words brought me pleasure because she ran her hands up my leg and inched her fingers closer to my crotch.

I flinched and smacked her hand away. “Janet, we’re over,” I said.

She sniffled and the waterworks started. I rolled my eyes at her vulnerability. After about five minutes of bawling her eyes out, she slapped my face, but it didn’t faze me. Danny’s punch still overwhelmed me.

“It’s Jenifer, you bastard.” With that, she stalked off.

The Stone Pack surrounded me and I straightened my posture. I couldn’t be seen as weak, especially to them. They all looked at me in disgust, but I just stared at them casually. “My, my Marshall,” Jarred spoke up. “Quite the heartbreaker, huh?” I remained silent. “You’re lucky we have a truce. Otherwise, you’d score a black eye and a few broken bones.”

“Forget the truce,” Abigail spat and strutted toward me. However Charles held her back and she wriggled to get free. Her eyes were full of hatred. “Charles, let me go. This bastard deserves none of our respect.”

  “Abs, calm down. One day, he will pay the price. He does not deserve our respect, but his father does,” Jarred said, still glaring at me. “Fair warning, Marshall.”

I watched them retreat. I didn’t care what they had to say. The only thing that mattered to me was Danny. But, I lost her and it was my entire fault.

Danny’s POV.-

“Darren?” I repeated louder this time. I jumped up from my seat and practically tackled him to the ground. “It’s really you! Am I dreaming?”

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