Chapter SIX

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Chapter SIX


From the top of the stairs I could hear my family laughing and talking like they use to. Before everything. They were going back to normal but I was becoming numb again.

After the whole giggle incident at Colin's my family had been given a new life while I feel like I wasn't supposed to be happy. Not anymore. It's been a whole month since that happened yet it felt like forever ago, like life was dragging on.

My trip to New York was next week and I was slightly excited to get away for a while, to pretend that I was normal. However Homecoming was this week and I couldn't wait for my whole family to get involved in the festivities as they do every year so I could be alone and left out.

I walked into the kitchen with my nose in a book so I didn't have to talk to anyone but that didn't stop them from trying to talk to me.

"Kat?" My dad asked, "didn't we make a rule that no books were allowed at the table while we're eating?"

Giving my dad a near inaudible sigh I folded the top of the page and closed the book, placing it behind me on the chair I began to eat the dinner my mom had prepared.

"Colin was wondering if we were going to the carnival at the school on Friday." Hannah started the topic off with her favorite subject. Colin and Hannah have been talking non stop since the dinner party, not that I cared or anything..

"Are you sure he wasn't wondering if you were going in an attempt to be alone with you?" Chris growled as he stabbed a potato aggressively.

"No." Hannah's face went red at the thought, "He specifically asked if everyone was going, not just me."

"We're all going." My mother smiled sipping her water, "It sounds fun, doesn't it Kat?"

I nodded and gave her a fake smile with an eye roll when she turned away from me. I didn't want to participate in homecoming activities, especially not when Hannah and Colin were going to be all over each other.

"That reminds me, we need to pick up somethings for your trip next week." My mother said as she took a bite.

"I can't believe you're actually going." Tommy nudged my side to get my attention. "A whole week without our Kat, what are we going to do?"

My face reddened with the laughter that rang out from everyone else.

Dinner was basically uneventful and after I retreated to my room where I finished the rest of my homework I had for the day. Or like the rest of the week.

"Chris! Tommy! Kat! Hannah!" My mother called Friday morning from downstairs, "Time to get up!"

Groaning I shifted in the sheets, my eyes drooping tiredly as I placed my book on the table before sliding out of bed. Letting myself let out a giant yawn I walked to the closest to pick out my outfit.

I was ready shortly after my mom had called us down but as I made my way into the hallway chaos surrounded me. Chris and Tommy were pounding on the bathroom door as Hannah showered. Tommy let out a groan and smiled when he saw me, "Can I use your bathroom?" He asked quickly.

"If you want to, but you can't shower." I shrugged, "You can with mom and dad's though."

He ran down the stairs and Chris groaned as he pounded on the door again. "Come on Hannah, it's been twenty minutes!"

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